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Various UKSG committee members share their personal highlights from the UKSG 2019 Conference.
Dave Puplett, Head of Library Services at the University of Greenwich, asks if librarians are inclined to waste the opportunities for change and innovation which a crisis can offer in the interests of maintaining the status quo and getting back to normal as quickly as possible.
Andrew Barker explains what is a bit different about this year's UKSG conference and which sessions in the packed programme he - and others - are particularly looking forward to.
On International Women’s Day, Jill Emery celebrates nine women in the library & information science field who have forged paths, led information industries, and served as inspiration to others working in the field.
Claire Sewell, Research Support Skills Coordinator at Cambridge University Libraries, calls for a change in how staff are chosen for roles in research support and urges librarians and PhDs to cooperate and learn from each other.
Marilyn Clarke, Acting Head of Library Services and Head of Discovery Services, Goldsmiths Library, University of London, challenges librarians to institute real and positive change through social justice work, to self-decolonise - now!
Helle Lauridsen, 'UKSG eNews' editor and UKSG committee member, explains why she would encourage anyone with an interest in widening their understanding of – and network of contacts within – the information community to consider standing for nomination to one of UKSG's committees.
As another year rolls by Andrew Barker, Chair of UKSG, takes the opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved at UKSG in 2018, and what is planned for 2019.
Sven Fund, CEO of Knowledge Unlatched, Berlin, examines progress made so far towards open access publishing for scholarly books and suggests the best way forward will be by increasing institutional funding.
Dominic Broadhurst gives an outline of the activities planned for 2019 by the recently reconfigured UKSG Research and Innovation Subcommittee.

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