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UKSG engages a broad cross-section of professionals concerned with the publication, distribution and use of scholarly and professional information throughout the world.

"UKSG breaks down inter-professional barriers. As a member, we've had the opportunity to meet and work more closely with representatives of other areas of the serials chain. This supports our ability to offer good service to our customers, and puts us in a position both to contribute to, and to benefit from, the improvements that UKSG helps to instigate in the process of scholarly communication."


Member list

Is your organisation a member of UKSG? Trying to connect with another organisation? Browse the member list to find out more about UKSG members.

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Become a member

Members pay an annual membership fee which offers everyone in their organisation a range of valuable benefits, including discounts for UKSG events.

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Member benefits

UKSG eNews

Members' newsletter providing up-to-the-minute news of current issues and developments within the global knowledge community.

Delegate fees

Discounted rates for the Annual Conference, seminars and other events. Free entry to the UKSG Forum.

Community spirit

Supporting the overall aims of UKSG and the needs of the wider knowledge community through UKSG’s charitable activities such as free webinars. 

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Community initiatives

UKSG is proud to support the wider knowledge community beyond its membership.

It is currently supporting the Think. Check. Submit. campaign and the COUNTER Code of Practice.

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Valuing members and community

UKSG aims to put members at the centre of its activities and respond to their needs and challenges. It seeks the views of members in Training Needs Surveys and occasional Membership Surveys. The findings of the most recent Membership Survey include:

  • members agree there is a clear need for an organisation with UKSG’s mission
  • UKSG’s cross-community role is valued and it successfully connects different member types
  • UKSG is seen as professional, well-organised and friendly
  • members would like UKSG to continue to focus on the practical implementations of strategic change and to think more broadly about the audiences it tries to support in this respect

The scholarly publishing community is evolving as are members’ interests and needs. There are new opportunities for UKSG to provide practical support in areas such as understanding and facilitating the wider lifecycle of research or managing and implementing Open Access effectively. UKSG is committed to supporting practical examples of innovation, best practice and standards in the community.