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UKSG 41st Annual Conference and Exhibition

This UKSG event was live webcast, and recorded for online viewing, courtesy of IET.tv – the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s video production service.

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Five principles to navigate a bumpy golden road towards open access: Matthijs van Otegem,  Sofie Wennström and Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen

Offsetting deals are in theory a quick and effective way to boost OA. Yet, these agreements have proven to be a bumpy road in practice.

From transaction to collaboration: scholarly communications design at UConn Library: Holly Jeffcoat and Gregory Colati

The traditional conception of the librarian as someone who can ‘get the right information, from the right source to the right client at the right time’ served the profession well until online access to resources and the beginnings of artificial intelligence…

Janeway: a scholarly communications platform: Martin Paul Eve and Andy Byers

It is a terrible mistake to think that technological platforms are what make or break a scholarly communications enterprise. Yet, the technology that drives submissions and article presentation does sit at the heart of user interaction.

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UKSG exists to connect the knowledge community and encourage the exchange of ideas on scholarly communication. It is the only organisation spanning the wide range of interests and activities across the scholarly information community of librarians, publishers, intermediaries and technology vendors.

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