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UKSG 41st Annual Conference and Exhibition

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Continuous publication is here!

Insights: the UKSG journal is fully open access and peer reviewed and now offers continuous publication allowing us to publish articles in a much more timely manner in what can be a fast moving environment. Take a look at the first three articles to be published since the move:

'How to counter undeserving authorship' by Stefan Eriksson, Tove Godskesen, Lars Andersson and Gert Helgesson

'Revisiting the identification of serials: ISSN goes linked' by Gaëlle Béquet and Clément Oury

'Collectivity and collaboration: imagining new forms of communality to create resilience in scholar-led publishing' by Janneke Adema and Samuel A. Moore

Submit your own article to Insights - all article processing charges (APCs) are paid by UKSG.



UKSG 40th Anniversary Film

When did UKSG begin? Who started it? How has it evolved? What do volunteers value? Watch the 40th Anniversary Film for these answers and to hear a host of fascinating memories and anecdotes.



About UKSG

UKSG exists to connect the knowledge community and encourage the exchange of ideas on scholarly communication. It is the only organisation spanning the wide range of interests and activities across the scholarly information community of librarians, publishers, intermediaries and technology vendors.

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