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26th June 2013, 2pm: Navigating through the New Library Systems Landscape, hosted by Ken Chad (Ken Chad Consulting Ltd.)


Many academic libraries are finding their library systems infrastructure is not adequately meeting new demands from end users, library staff or their institutions. The age of the library management system (LMS)/integrated library system (ILS) is coming to an end and a new generation of Library Services Platforms is emerging. However it is still very early days and the new systems remain immature and only encompass part of the overall library technology infrastructure. What should libraries do?


Ken Chad has been involved with library systems for over 20 years and will guide you through this new landscape. He will highlight some helpful resources and suggest some approaches to finding a way forward for libraries who are thinking of changing their library systems.


UKSG is pleased to make this webinar freely available. Click here to play or download the recording.

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