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"I have always been impressed with the way UKSG skilfully caters for the needs of the whole industry, and it’s been a real privilege to sit at the heart of this vibrant and intelligent community – it reminds me that we can always learn new things, meet great new people and perhaps give something back!" Committee member


Board of Trustees

UKSG is led by a Board of Trustees of up to nine volunteers who work full-time in a variety of roles within the scholarly and professional knowledge community. The Board comprises:

  • three Honorary Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer)
  • up to six elected members

Committee members are elected by UKSG members in an online vote before the AGM and meet regularly to determine general policy and to discuss operational issues. Main Committee also oversees the lis-e-resources discussion list. Any UKSG member can nominate themselves, or another member, to become a Committee member.

Meet the Board.

Terms of Reference. (Updated version at 17 June 2021)



Subcommittees with responsibilities for Education and Events, Insights Editorial Board, Outreach and Engagement and Research and Innovation report to the Main Committee. Self-nominations are welcomed. Subcommittee members are appointed by each subcommittee’s Chair, initially for a one-year term. Volunteers participate actively during and between subcommittee meetings which take place in a variety of interesting locations.  If you are interested in joining a sub-committee, please contact the relevant chair.

Conference Planning Subcommittee

The Conference Planning Subcommittee develops and guides the programme for the annual conference.

Chair: Josh Sendall, University of Leeds

Meet the Conference Planning Subcommittee

Education and Events Subcommittee

The Education and Events Subcommittee develops and organises seminars, webinars and events to support professional training and development within the scholarly information community. Suggestions for topics and speakers are always welcome.

Chair: Anna Franca, Edge Hill University

Meet the Education and Events Subcommittee.

Terms of Reference.


Insights Editorial Board

The Insights Editorial Board oversees and supports Insights: the UKSG journal. Suggestions for articles and authors are always welcome.

Chair: Jill Emery, Portland State

Meet the Insights Editorial Board.

Terms of Reference.


Outreach and Engagement Subcommittee

The new Outreach and Engagement Subcommittee was created in 2018 and looks after UKSG members and their interests. It also engages with the wider UKSG community and its needs and challenges. Its specific aims and objectives are:

  • To develop the membership of UKSG through raising awareness of UKSG activities and member benefits
  • To promote engagement with the UKSG community with the aim of understanding the likely short, medium and long-term training requirements of the sectors which we serve
  • To work closely and effectively with the Education and Events Subcommittee, the Insights Steering Group and the Research and Innovation Subcommittee
  • To oversee the dissemination of news and current information about the information industry to UKSG members, via UKSG eNews
  • To work with other organisations with similar aims and objectives where appropriate
  • To carry out the above aims with due regard to cross-sectoral objectivity, and to the charitable status of UKSG

Chair: Bethany Logan, University of Sussex

Meet the Outreach and Engagement Subcommittee.

25 January 2021: Call for new members

Terms of Reference.



UKSG employs an Executive Director, an Events Assistant, a Publications Associate, a Digital Communications Associate and an Accounts Administrator.

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