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The deadline has now passed for applications

Unique opportunity to win a fully funded trip to the USA and a free place & travel at UKSG 2024!

In 2024, the UKSG and NASIG conferences will be taking place in Glasgow and Spokane respectively. These two conferences are an exciting opportunity for a developing professional to socialise and network with peers, make new connections, serendipitous discoveries, break out of your own silo to hear from others across the sector. But don’t take our word for it - here is what Beth Montague-Hellen, the award winner in 2023, says:

“Winning the Merriman award last year really opened up the worlds of scholarly communications and publishing to me. Having never been to UKSG before I didn’t know what I was missing but attending for the first time as the award winner helped increase my visibility, improve my networks, and was the starting point for a wave of opportunities. Not least among these opportunities was the chance to attend the NASIG conference in the USA, allowing me to understand the similarities and differences between scholarly communications between our two countries, something I never would have managed without the bursary.”

Named in honour of John Merriman, in recognition of his work in founding both UKSG and NASIG, this prestigious award provides an invaluable opportunity for anyone keen to learn and share experiences from a very different angle.

One lucky UKSG member has the chance to attend the NASIG and UKSG conferences this year. The award is intended to cover conference registration, travel and accommodation costs.

In 2024, the UKSG conference will take place in Glasgow, UK, from 8th - 10th  April 2024 The NASIG conference will take place in Spokane, WA, USA, from 3rd- 7th June 2024.

The award winner will be supported by the generous sponsorship of Taylor & Francis Group for the US trip and will in addition receive full financial support from UKSG to attend the UKSG conference.

Who can apply

The award is open to UKSG members (are you a member? Find out)
Applicants should be in a role within a Library or Information Service with responsibility for managing online resources or in direct contact with library users, supporting them in the use of online resources.

You can find terms and conditions as well as the marking criteria that will be used, here.

How to apply

All applicants must complete an online form. This form includes the following questions that will be considered by a panel of UKSG volunteers:

  1. Provide a short answer (250-400 words) on the topic of ‘what is the biggest challenge in your current job OR in the library sector right now, and how, in an ideal world, would you address it?’
  2. How will you use the NASIG and UKSG conferences to help with the challenge you outlined in question 1? (max. 200 words)
  3. How will you be able to contribute and participate during the conference? (max. 200 words)
  4. Describe how you will share, use and/or apply what you have learnt at the conference (max. 200 words)

 Applicants will also be asked to provide the contact details of a referee. Referees will only be contacted if your application is successful.

Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions of award to check eligibility and see how your application will be assessed.

Application form here

Note that the closing date is the 11th February 2024.