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The UKSG November Conference complements the Annual Conference by providing a more intimate opportunity for strategic discussion among members of the knowledge community on a hot topic of wide interest.

The goal of the November Conference is to reconvene UKSG’s broad community between Annual Conferences and ensure that discussion and collaboration continues. Each year’s programme is carefully planned to create a rounded view of a topic, with speakers hand-picked to ensure articulate presentation of a range of viewpoints.

"Excellent value for money, relevant, innovative and enjoyable." – Delegate

The aim is to include original research, as well as opinions from across the community - the student and researcher panels are always a highlight for publishers, librarians and suppliers seeking to tap into the “user” mindset. Lightning talks are also included to provide quick overviews of projects and services that relate to the day’s theme, and a tradition has developed of closing with a “question time”-style debate – allowing the audience to participate in the discussion – which has on occasion become quite heated, demonstrating the value of UKSG as a “crucible” in more than one sense! 

"Informative, thought provoking and educational." – Delegate

Past November Conferences

2023 - "Enriching Scholarship: how libraries and publishers educate, enhance and inform scholarly works"

2022 - "Diversity, equity, and inclusion through multiple lenses". 

2021 - "Open Scholarship 2021: the good, the bad and the ugly"

2020 - UKSG November online Conference - From Transition to Transformation: providing scholarly content and services in tumultuous times

2019 - "Shifting power centres in scholarly communication"

2018 - “Doing More with Less”

2017 - Shrinking horizons: scholarly communication in an anti-globalisation environment

2016 - The scholarly communications ecosystem: understanding and responding to evolving expectations

2015 - E-books for today and tomorrow: what is the role of the 'long form' in teaching, learning and research?

2014 - Untying the knots and joining the dots: researchers' needs from funding to outputs and beyond

2013 - Open Access Realities: global experiences of implementing OA

2012 - Rethinking collections: approaches, business models, experiences

2011 - A Problem Shared? Understanding shared services and the drive for efficiency in scholarly communications

2010 - Usercentric: new strategies for scholarly communication


For further information or to suggest a future theme, please contact Bev Acreman