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New Online Seminar - Publication to press: building trust in research communication

Wednesday 9th February 2022

Media interest in research has never been greater due to the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and Climate Change, among other topics. How research is communicated varies from an international scale down to local level, as also reflected in the quality of coverage from in-depth news features to poorly referenced, click-bait churnalism.  Join us for this online seminar that takes place over one day - Wednesday 9th February. 

Important - the UKSG Annual Conference 2022 date and venue is changing!

In light of the uncertainties brought on by the latest developments in the pandemic, the Trustees of UKSG have decided to push back the annual conference to Monday 30th May 2022-Wednesday 1st June 2022, and the venue will be changing to Telford, UK. If you are an exhibitor or sponsor we will be in touch with you directly, or you can contact Karina at . All speakers are being contacted by Vicky (email:

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UKSG offers a range of free webinars which support distance learning and attract professionals with diverse experience from a wide range of organisations throughout the world.

You can see the range of topics that we've covered previously here. Our webinars routinely get 6-700 registrants from around the world. 

All suggestions for new webinars are reviewed by our Webinar Officer, Sarah Pittaway, so do feel free to contact her if you would like to discuss your idea!

Registration Open - Introduction to E-Resources Online Seminar 2021

Tuesday 6th & Friday 9th July

Join us for this two-part online event that has been adapted from UKSG’s successful and long-running one-day seminar and aims to present a practical introductory overview of all aspects of e-resources management, encompassing e-journals, e-books and bibliographic and full-text databases. Taking place online as two morning sessions on Tuesday 6th July and Friday 9th July.

FREE UKSG webinar - Back to the Future: Lessons learned from the Jisc OA Textbook project

Thursday 17th June - 13:00 BST

This is a fantastic opportunity to listen to expert speakers with no travelling required. This is a free webinar - Please note that advance registration is required. This webinar will be recorded and all registrants will receive a link to the recording after the session.

FREE UKSG webinar - Back to the Future: Lessons learned from the Jisc OA Textbook project | UKSG