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We are pleased to make all editorials from January 2016 freely available. If you feel inspired to write an editorial, please contact the Editors.


UKSG is looking for a new eNews co-Editor, Bev Acreman, 11 August 2023

Knowing me, Knowing UKSG: a conversation with Chris Banks, Director of Library Services at Imperial College London, Kevin O'Donovan, 28 July 2023

Gordon McQueen's personal account of UKSG 2023, inspired by Mary Catherine Bateson’s "Our Own Metaphor: A Persdonal Account of a Conference", Gordon McQueen, 14 July 2023

A student librarian's highlights of UKSG 2023, Christina Nguyen, 30 June 2023

#UKSG2023 - highlights from a first timer, Andrew Marsden, 16 June 2023

Ella Burrows, Senior Library Assistant at the LSE, reviews her first UKSG conference, Ella Burrows, 2 June 2023

An update on the OA Switchboard, Yvonne Campfens, 19 May 2023

Insights – 35 years old, Lorraine Estelle and Steve Sharp, 5 May 2023

Small steps and big ideas: an open textbook pilot project, Bethany Logan, 22 April 2023

The good, the bad, the sensational of ChatGPT, Katherine Jewitt, 31 March 2023

“I wish I was in Glasgow”: why attending this year’s UKSG Conference is a must, Joanna Ball, 17 March 2023

Navigating Whiteness and reflecting on identity, vocational awe and allyship in hegemonic library cultures, Siobhan Haimé, 3 March 2023

From a bare room to 7 libraries and a nomination for the Times Higher Education award in less than 2 years, Daphne Michailidou, 17 February 2023

Libraries, Silence and Social Justice; why finding our voice and being mouthy is needed, Caroline Ball and Naomi Smith, 3 February 2023

Building digital humanities and library partnerships at the University Southampton, James Baker and Eleonora Gandolfi, 20 January 2023


Community building and data conversations in a post-lockdown landscape, Joanne Fitzpatrick, 30 December 2022

Reflections on Open Access week at the University of Aberdeen, Emma Francis, 16 December 2022

Librarians as Researchers: Reflections on the RLUK Research Catalyst Cohort, Alice Cann, 25 November 2022

‘All your data are belong to us’: the weaponisation of library usage data and what we can do about it, Caroline Ball and Anthony Sinnott, 11 November 2022

Perspectives on Open Access Week 2022, Lesley Macrae, Louise Zambianchi, Sam Nesbit, Ilkay Holt, Susan Miles, 28 October 2022

My experience as a UKSG First-Timer, Luca Filippi, 14 October 2022

Improving resource discovery for users, Jon Bentley, 30 September 2022

New EDC [Earll Development Community] for Early Career Librarian, Dani Stubbs, 16 September 2022

Supporting Citizen Science in the UCL Office for Open Science & Scholarship, Kirsty Wallis, 2 September 2022

My Experience of UKSG 2022 - Chloe Bolsover, early career professional, Chloe Bolsover, 19 August 2022

The UKSG Conference - an early career professional's perspective, Heather Cripps, 29 July 2022

Changing career track within the UKSG community: experiences and lessons learned, Joanna Ball, Helle Lauridsen, Yvonne Nobis, 8 July 2022

Supporting Ukrainian Editorial Staff, Louise Stoddard, 24 June 2022

My experience as a first-time attendee at the annual UKSG 2022 Conference, Tom Morley, 10 June 2022

UKSG launches strategic vision, Joanna Ball, 27 May 2022

Let’s talk about Open Access..., Aimee Nixon, Damaris Critchlow, Giulia Stefenelli, Stefan Tochev, 13 May 2022

In person meetings - A Vendor’s Perspective on PLA 2022, Colin Carter, 29 April 2022

Reasons to be … present (at the UKSG conference), Charlie Rappel, 14 April 2022

The decolonising reading list, a vessel of agency, voice and belonging for all, Kaye Towlson, 1 April 2022

Could NUI Galway use an enabling policy to encourage the use and production of OER?, Kris Meen, 4 March 2022

The SafePod Network - six months on from launch, Jane Grogan, 18 February 2022

Improving the quality of open-access submissions, Michael Upshall, 4 February 2022

Looking forward to 2022, Joanna Ball, 21 January 2022

Reflections from an outgoing Chair, Andrew Barker, 7 January 2022



A year in review and looking forward - thoughts from the UKSG Trustees, UKSG Board of Trustees, 10 December 2021

Will there be any transformation or are we stuck with the transformative agreements?, Wilhelm Widmark, 26 November 2021

Helping researchers find a trusted journal or publisher, Lorraine Estelle, 12 November 2021

Together we are stronger, Steve Sharp, 29 October 2021

The value of relationships in moving through recovery following the Covid-19 global pandemic, Katharine Jewitt, 15 October 2021

Why research supporters can sign DORA too, Liam Bullingham, 1 October 2021

A time to choose, Jessica Gardner, 17 September 2021

Reflections on the new UKRI open access policy, Samuel A. Moore and Niamh Tumelty, 3 September 2021

Engaging the public in academic research - what has the open access movement ever done for them?, Jane Belger, 20 August 2021

Ebook Acquisition Strategy in tertiary institutions in the UK pre- and post-pandemic, Zoe Loveland, 23 July 2021

The Open Access Switchboard - an introduction and an update, Frack Manista, 25 June 2021

The UKSG Conference: Experience of a first-time delegate, Connor Wilson, 28 May 2021

Better Together: How the alliance between Liaison Librarians and Academic staff can drive change in eBook provision, Lisa Hawksworth, 14 May 2021

Reflections of an Early Career Professional attending her first UKSG Conference, Nicola Wylie, 30 April 2021

Accessibility: More than just compliance, Dwyer Scullion, 2 April 2021

Beware of predatory journnals: How to guide your authors in publishing their work while protecting their career and your institution's reputation, Michael Spada, 19 March 2021

Five reasons why you shouldn't miss this year's UKSG Annual Confererence, Joanna Ball, 5 March 2021

Remote learnings, a year on; connecting, adapting and amplifying - a view from Institutional Marketing, Laura Graham-Clare, 19 February 2021

What is FUBU? The change that needs to happen close to home - Part 2, Sara Rouhi, 5 February 2021

We cannot and must not "go back", Sara Rouhi, 22 January 2021

Reflections on the new UKRI open access policy, Samuel A. Moore, Niamh Tumelty, 3 September 2021



Editorial Part 3: What does the future of UKSG look like? Feedback from our Trustees, UKSG Board of Trustees, 11 December 2020

In defence of the membership, Lorraine Estelle, 27 November 2020

UKSG Trustees: in the spotlight - part II, UKSG Board of Trustees, 13 November 2020

How to survive (and thrive) during a pandemic, Michelle Blake, 30 October 2020

UKSG Trustees: in the spotlight, UKSG Board of Trustees, 15 October 2020

Building a Library Carpentry community in the UK, Jez Cope, Nilani Ganeshwaran and Phil Reed, 2 October 2020

“Stop, collaborate and listen” – Collaboration and communication across the scholarly community in a COVID-19 altered world, Simon Bell, 18 September 2020

A review of the year so far for UKSG, and what to look forward to, Bev Acreman, 21 August 2020

Moving exchange of experiences - online, Katherine Stephan and Judith Carr, 7 August 2020

The have nots.. Or confessions of a (former) serials librarian, Helle Lauridsen, 24 July 2020

A year of working Danishly*, Joanna Ball, 10 July 2020

Remote conferencing: finding community in isolation, Lesa Ng, 25 June 2020

A postcard from Malmö Public Library – open for business during Corona, Sofia Murray, 12 June 2020

MUP’s lockdown response: Unlocking content, Shelley Turner 29 May 2020

Publishing for the community Justin Clark, Tasha Mellins-Cohen, Alexander Mulhern and Gaynor Redvers-Mutton 15 May 2020

Responding to COVID19: supporting our library communities in the shift to the online world Lesley English, 1 May 2020

Living in libraryland lockdown! Leo Appleton, 17 April 2020

EARLL: creating a new professional network for early career librarians Hannah Boroudjou and Claire Delahunty, 3 April 2020

A new reality Helle Lauridsen, Lyngsoe Systems, 20 March 2020

Supporting an open research ecosystem  Christopher Spalding and Tamir Borensztajn, Ebsco, 6 March 2020

Altmetrics: a decade in the making Josh Clark, Altmetric, 21 February 2020

FOLIO, openness and choice and the future of libraries Paul Moeller, University of Colorado Boulder, 7 February 2020

What is needed to drive the OA transition in 2020? Susie Winter, Springer Nature, 24 January 2020

UKSG: 2020 vision Andrew Barker, 10 January 2020



Out in the cold at Christmas? Steve Sharp, 12 December 2019

COUNTER release 5 transition: a community call for compliance, Jo Lambert, 29 November 2019

The power of print, Leo Appleton, 15 November 2019

On indexing and the discoverability of tea bags and inclusive resources, Regina Everitt, 1st November 2019

Information literacy grants, Lijuan Xu, 18 October 2019

Influencing capital in an education institution, Elizabeth Charles, 4 October 2019

Relationship management: developments and challenges, Michelle Blake, 20 September 2019

Translation and the dissemintaion of knowledge, Ben Ablett, 6 September 2019

We know social science matters. Now how do we prove it? Ziyad Marar, 23 August 2019

Librarians and journalists of the world unite! Andy Tattersall, 9 August 2019

A key moment in my career! Amy Stubbing, 26 July 2019

Building bridges, building experience Katherine Stephan, 28 June 2019

Westminster to Washington: sharing the experience! Amy Stubbing, 14 June 2019

The transformation of academic research: what librarians, faculty and students are saying, Brie Betz, Proquest, 31 May 2019

UKSG 2019: a report from the sponsored early career professionals, edited by Lorraine Estelle, 17 May 2019

Why convenience is the new access, Sarah Kembler, 3 May 2019

UKSG 2019, Yann Amouroux et al, 18 April 2019

Don't waste a good (library) crisis, Dave Puplett, 5 April 2019

Come to Telford!  Andrew Barker, 22 March 2019

Notable women of library and information science by Jill Emery, 8 March 2019

Bursting the bubble: why it's (not) about the PhD in research support by Claire Sewell, 22 February 2019

Liberate our library: social justice and the need for change by Marilyn Clarke, 8 February 2019

UKSG Committees - why stand? by Helle Lauridsen, 25 January 2019

UKSG: backward reflections, forward glances by Andrew Barker, 11 January 2019


Open access: closing the loop by Sven Fund, 7 December 2018

Research and Innovation at UKSG: a reboot by Dominic Broadhurst, 23 November 2018

After open access - new scope for magazines? by Adam Hodgkin, 9 November 2018

Doing more with less: inspiration from the experts! by Charlie Rapple and Colleen Campbell, 26 October 2018

Build it and they will come by Helen Rimmer and Amy O’Donohoe, 12 October 2018

Why convenience is the new access by Hayley Gibson and Roddy MacLeod, 28 September 2018

Making moves: lessons from a library migration by David Morgan, 14 September 2018

Makerspaces, innovation and creative learning by Carlos Izsak, 31 August 2018

96.7 shades of white by Ka-Ming Pang, 3 August 2018

Keep reading and start writing! by Steve Sharp and Lorraine Estelle, 20 July 2018

Introducing Think. Check. Attend. by Mohamad Mostafa and Philip J Purnell, 6 July 2018

NASIG 2018: engaging and collaborating for the future by Steve Oberg, 22 June 2018

Let's talk by Paul Tavner, 8 June 2018

Is there a better way? Collating print usage statistics by Helen Monagle, 25 May 2018

Keeping everyone communicating by Leo Appleton, 11 May 2018

UKSG's new subcommittee by Yann Amouroux, 27 April 2018

UKSG 2018: a conference in tweets by Leo Appleton, 13 April 2018

Think. Check. Submit - a review by Bev Acreman, 30 March 2018

Glasgow in April by Andrew Barker, 16 March 2018

Climate change in the subscription landscape by Colleen Campbell, 2 March 2018

Why convenience is the new access by Ben Kaube, 16 February 2018

Death of a repository by Andrew Gray, 2 February 2018

UKSG in 2018 by Bev Acreman, 19 January 2018

Growth and maturity in the self-publishing industry by Beat Barblan and Andrew Kovacs, 5 January 2018


A Brit abroad! by Dominic Broadhurst, 15 December 2017

New perspectives by Leo Appleton, 1 December 2017

Insights November 2017 by Lorraine Estelle and Steve Sharp, 17 November 2017

Library conferences: why bother? by Leo Appleton, 3 November 2017

Open access in the spotlight by Nettie Lagace and Christine Stohn, 20 October 2017

Discovery tools: looking into the black box by Catherine Richardson, 6 October 2017

Machine learning and academic publishing – where are we today? by Michael Upshall, 22 September 2017

Diary of a library collaboration, aged 17¾ by Kate Petherbridge, 8 September 2017

On supporting scholarly communications in scientific research institutes by Tim Wales, 25 August 2017

European collaboration at the University of Helsinki by Ruth MacMullen and Kirsty Wallis, 11 August 2017

Insights July 2017 by Lorraine Estelle and Steve Sharp, 28 July 2017

UKSG eNews reaches 400! by Steve Sharp, 14 July

Racing to the Crossroads: a NASIG conference review by Sarah Bull, 30 June

Interim management by Jo Webb, 16 June

The challenge of open access compliance by Eimear Evans, 2 June

Librarian messages to publishers by Bernie Folan and Claire Grace, 19 May

Jazz, fireworks and food for thought by various, 5 May

Get out of the library by Donna Lanclos, 21 April

UKSG@40 by Hazel Woodward, 31 March

Insights March 2017 by Lorraine Estelle and Steve Sharp, 17 March

Digital literacy expertise by stealth – knowing stuff and doing stuff by Iain Baird, Teesside University, 3 March

Why copyright literacy is the key to unlocking our greatest privilege by Chris Morrison, University of Kent, 17 February

Libraries – one part of a Toyota? by Adam Blackwood, eLearning Advisor, 3 February

On peril and privilege and why we all need copyright literacy by Jane Secker, LSE, 17 January

You said, we did: listening to our members by Sarah Bull, UKSG Executive Director, 6 January



Reflections: Conference and Forum by various, 9 December

Comparing apples and pears: the challenges of measuring e-book use by Jo Lambert, Jisc, 25 November

“What is the value of a library with no content?” by Dave White, University of the Arts London, 11 November

Digital citizenship and the role of the library by Leo Appleton, University of the Arts London, 28 October

Scholarly communications, researchers' needs, and innovation by Charlie Rapple and Yann Amouroux, UKSG Committee, 14 October

A solution to the problem with IPs by Andrew Pitts, Publisher Solutions International, 30 September

A charter for e-books? by Nicholas Lewis, Library Director, University of East Anglia, 16 September

The printed book is a very persistent thing by Karen Carden, University of the Arts London, 2 September

e>p and then what? by Daniel Albertsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 19 August

From historical inquiry to e-learning: understanding the metaliteracies and digital capabilities required of researchers of tomorrow by Nazlin Bhimani, UCL Institute of Education, 5 August

Can transparency in publishing costs clear the way for open scholarly communications? by Shona Thoma, Maynooth University, 22 July

One year later: on being a librarian in Saudi Arabia by Stephen Buck, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, 8 July

The changing face of current awareness: reflections from a London law librarian by Clare Brown, 24 June

Reading fellows by Wendy Morris, Kingston University, 10 June

Of conferences and carpets by Susan Hill, Surrey and Aberystwyth Universities, 27 May

How Readers Discover Content in Scholarly Publications by Tracy Gardner, Simon Inger Consulting, 13 May

Swings and roundabouts by various, 29 April

Data supporting research collaborations by Neil Smyth, University of Nottingham, 15 April

How to get the best out of UKSG 2016 by various, 1 April

Insights March 2016 by Lorraine Estelle and Steve Sharp (Insights editors), 18 March

E-books: the Utopia for HE students by Alex Ferguson, Liverpool Guild of Students, 4 March

Where are we now? Delivering content in academic libraries by Joanna Ball, University of Sussex, 19 February

E-info discovery and management for institutes in the South by Marc Goovaerts, Hasselt University, 5 February

The Think.Check.Submit campaign by Helen Dobson, University of Manchester, 22 January

2015 - a year in review by members of the UKSG Committee, 8 January

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