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Strategic vision

We at UKSG are proud to announce our new strategic vision. Developing the vision has been a collaborative process with our voluntary network and included a consultation with our membership. The new vision will refocus our organisation to meet the needs of a rapidly changing environment, and embodies our values around learning and sharing, openness and inclusion. The four themes - include, connect, innovate and deliver - reflect UKSG's special role as a meeting point for the entire scholarly communications community.

UKSG's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion statement

UKSG has developed a statement outlining its commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). This forms part of a series of initiatives to centre EDI more purposefully in how we work.

We will include:

Vision Inclusion

UKSG will represent the diversity of the global knowledge community

We will represent all sections of our community in our activities and deliver a road map of change to resolve areas of under representation

We will provide a voice for all members of our community from sector leaders to new entrants to our community

We will share our knowledge and expertise

We will collaborate internationally and include global perspectives


We will connect


UKSG will bring together different voices and perspectives

We will provide a community of practice for professional development, exchanging ideas and sharing expertise, solutions and best practice

We will value plurality of opinions and practices, and not shy away from challenging topics

We will encourage and facilitate transparent, meaningful dialogue and constructive, respectful discussions

We will create a cross-sectoral space to enable understanding of each other’s values, perspectives and goals

We will innovate


UKSG will be the forum for creating and nurturing new ideas

We will enable our members to keep pace with our changing landscape

We will identify tomorrow’s challenges and trends today

We will act as a catalyst for initiatives that benefit and develop our community

We will collaborate with other organisations to find solutions to the faultlines within our sector




We will deliver

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UKSG will deliver improvements to the flow of scholarly knowledge

We will support the delivery of practical solutions and not just ask questions

We will invest in initiatives and resource projects to enhance and improve our sector

We will highlight the value of scholarly communications to an enquiring society

We will be transparent about our governance, operations and finances




Looking ahead

We hope that our new vision resonates with our members and reflects their ambitions for UKSG, as well as enabling the organisation to be flexible in a changing environment. Our Board and Sub-Committees will use this vision as a guiding star over the coming years, developing a roadmap of activities and ensuring that we allocate the necessary resources in order for it to be realised.



Articles of Association (incorporated 23 January 2001, amended with approval from the membership at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 20 January 2020.

Byelaws - The bye-laws complement the Articles of Association, and provide guidance and information in relation to the procedures and processes of UKSG. They are written to support the trustees in ensuring the smooth running of UKSG. The bye-laws can be reviewed and updated by the Trustees without the formal steps required to change the Articles of Association.

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"We are all very delighted to being part of the UKSG community, and we look forward to attending future events and connecting with the knowledge community you bring together." UKSG member

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UKSG is led by a Main Committee supported by four subcommittees: Education and Events, Insights Editorial Board, Outreach and Engagement and Research and Innovation.

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"UKSG relies on the expertise, networks, knowledge and experience of its volunteers. They are crucial to the alignment of UKSG with the community that it supports." UKSG Executive Director


UKSG's informal, open e-mail discussion list. Lis-e-resources provides a forum for anyone involved in e-resources to discuss matters relating to the provision, administration, management licensing and access of scholarly information.

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Annual Reviews and AGMs

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Awards and Bursaries

Every year, UKSG offers the John Merriman Joint NASIG/UKSG Award and a number of sponsored places for students and early career professionals.

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