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A world in which all parties involved in scholarly communications understand each other’s goals and challenges, and therefore can work together to improve the flow of knowledge and the information experience of scholars and researchers.


To connect the knowledge community through publications and events, supporting discussion and progression of the issues facing UKSG members.


  • cross-community involvement and equality
  • analysis rather than advocacy
  • objective facilitation

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  1. To facilitate an efficient information chain and a better information experience for scholars
  2. To foster mutual understanding between all members of the scholarly and professional information supply chain
  3. To support members and respond to their evolving needs and challenges to the benefit of the wider knowledge community
  4. To disseminate news, information, publications and research to enhance knowledge of the scholarly information sector
  5. To offer affordable seminars, webinars and events which support professional development and benefit the public domain

Members and Community

UKSG's cross-community role is highly-valued and it successfully connects different member types in a professional, well-organised and friendly way. UKSG's current membership focus is to:

  • be bolder
  • involve academics and students more
  • find new ways to support international members
  • help more members gain the insight and confidence to get involved

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"We are all very delighted to being part of the UKSG community, and we look forward to attending future events and connecting with the knowledge community you bring together." UKSG member

Get involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved with UKSG.

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UKSG is led by a Main Committee supported by four subcommittees: Education and Events, Insights Editorial Board, Outreach and Engagement and Research and Innovation.

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"UKSG relies on the expertise, networks, knowledge and experience of its volunteers. They are crucial to the alignment of UKSG with the community that it supports." UKSG Executive Director


UKSG's informal, open e-mail discussion list. Lis-e-resources provides a forum for anyone involved in e-resources to discuss matters relating to the provision, administration, management licensing and access of scholarly information.

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Read the Lis-e-resources guidelines.

Annual Reviews and AGMs

Annual reports and accounts and minutes of previous Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

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Awards and Bursaries

Every year, UKSG offers the John Merriman Joint NASIG/UKSG Award and a number of sponsored places for students and early career professionals.

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