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This webinar has now passed. You may still register to receive a link to a recording of the webinar by sending an e-mail to Maria Campbell.


Elaine Devine and Will Frass have kindly agreed to make their slides available. You may download them from here or view them below. Please use the correct attribution if you wish to refer to them.

Access the report 'Peer review in 2015: a global view' here.

"What a well organized and interesting webinar - thank you!" - Tanya Rihtman, Coventry University

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Peer review: much discussed, much covered, much maligned, but what do researchers really think of the system at the heart of scholarly research? Is it as broken as we are sometimes led to believe? How much of a discrepancy is there between expectation and reality? How do views differ between authors, editors and reviewers? Or across the disciplines – humanities, social sciences, science and medicine?

Building on previous research by the Publishing Research Consortium and Sense about Science, Taylor & Francis conducted a global survey and focus groups in 2015 with authors, reviewers and editors around the world. This webinar will present a snapshot of the findings, particularly focusing on views on the purpose of peer review, perceptions on ethical issues, opinions on different models of review, and on the ‘mechanics’ of the system.


Date: Thursday 26 November 2015
Time: 1300 GMT
Duration: 45 minutes including Q&A (up to 60 minutes maximum if there is sufficient demand for an extended Q&A)



Elaine Devine, Senior Communications Manager (Author Relations), Taylor & Francis 

Will Frass, Senior Research Executive, Taylor & Francis 

 Read a short biography of Elaine Devine. Elaine Devine is Senior Communications Manager at Taylor & Francis Group, focusing on authors and open access publishing. She joined Taylor & Francis in 2014, and regularly runs workshops with authors, manages our author and OA social media and web channels, and has recently over seen the re-launch of the Author Services website. She has worked in academic publishing for over ten years, in books, journals and on digital resources, as well as for organizations such as the National Trust and the Royal College of Nursing.
 Read a short biography of Will Frass. Will Frass is the Senior Research Executive at Taylor & Francis.  He joined the Research & Business Intelligence Department in 2010 and specialises in primary research, conducting and analysing both our longitudinal Author Survey and individual surveys of our authors, editors, societies and librarians. Prior to joining Taylor & Francis, Will read Physics at the University of Oxford.


Subject level and previous knowledge required:

Introductory and non-intensive; some understanding of what peer review is would be useful, but not essential.



This is a free webinar and is open to members and non-members of UKSG alike.  It will be recorded and the speakers will use a web cam.

This webinar has now passed. You may still register to receive a link to a recording of the webinar by sending an e-mail to Maria Campbell.

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