KBART data fields and labels

KBART logoThe content provider should include the following fields as columns in the tabseparated
metadata file. All fields should be considered to be mandatory if they
exist, and all effort should be made to gather the data, even if it must be obtained
from another area of the business or even from an external source.
Because recipients of metadata files will be expecting to receive all files in a
matching format, every field should appear in the order given below, even if the
content provider is unable to provide any information, or no information is
appropriate for a specific field. The following field labels should be used. To avoid confusion and unnecessary errors, content providers are encouraged to include
labels on every file they generate.

For consistency, the following labels should be used. Examples of
complete records for various types of content are given in Appendix A:
Data Exchange Samples


Publication title

print_identifier Print-format identifier (i.e., ISSN, ISBN, etc.)
online_identifier Online-format identifier (i..e, eISSN, eISBN, etc.)
date_first_issue_online Date of first issue available online
num_first_vol_online Number of first volume available online
num_first_issue_online Number of first issue available online
date_last_issue_online Date of last issue available online (or blank, if
coverage is to present)
num_last_vol_online Number of last volume available online (or blank, if
coverage is to present)
num_last_issue_online Number of last issue available online (or blank, if
coverage is to present)
title_url Title-level URL
first_author First author (for monographs)
title_id Title ID
embargo_info Embargo information
coverage_depth Coverage depth (e.g., abstracts or full text)
coverage_notes Coverage notes
publisher_name Publisher name (if not given in the file’s title)


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