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Issue Date: 12 December 2022
Deadline for response: 17 January 2023
Interviews and presentations: 24 January 2023
Indicative budget £5,000
Project duration: 2 months

Introduction and context

UKSG wishes to appoint an experienced individual or team to conduct an equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) audit of its organisation and to make recommendations about how it can embed EDI within its policies, procedures, committees and activities.

EDI is a strategic priority for UKSG, and our strategic vision articulates our ambitions in this area:
UKSG will represent the diversity of the global knowledge community

  • We will represent all sections of our community in our activities and deliver a road map of change to resolve areas of under-representation
  • We will provide a voice for all members of our community from sector leaders to new entrants to our community
  • This EDI audit will highlight areas for development, and will form the first part of a wider series of initiative and activities to enable us to realise our vision around diversity and inclusion.

About UKSG

UKSG is a charitable organisation which aims to bring together and support members of the information community. Its members represent the full range and diversity of stakeholders in the scholarly communications field and include the knowledge community of library and information professionals, knowledge management, publishing, data analytics, aggregators and vendors. Its flagship event, the annual conference, attracts around 900 international participants. Our charitable events include free or subsidised seminars and events, awards and bursaries for students and early career professionals, a fortnightly membership newsletter, UKSG eNews, and the publication of a diamond Open Access journal, Insights.

UKSG is managed by a small executive team (5 employees) and governed by a Board of Trustees, elected by the membership. There are also a number of sub-committees with responsibilities for Education and Events, the Insights Editorial Board, Outreach and Engagement and the Conference. Sub-committee members are volunteers within the sector and are appointed by each Sub-Committee chair.

Further information about the organisation is available here:


UKSG is inviting tenders to conduct a review of UKSG’s data, policies, policies, processes and culture to ensure that they are inclusive, diverse and representative of our membership, as well as recommend how UKSG can increase its diversity and opportunities for members.

  • Scrutinise UKSG’s committees, policies, activities and initiatives and highlight those where there is an EDI dimension (this will need to include all levels of the organisation).
  • Define the scope of UKSG’s EDI programme and establish baseline data.
  • Make specific recommendations on actions and initiatives that UKSG should take to improve EDI across the organisation.

Key deliverable

The key deliverable will be a report outlining the findings to the Board of Trustees which includes:

  • Data (gathered by desk analysis, surveys and/or interviews/focus groups) to provide understanding on EDI across the organisation, both where UKSG is doing well and where there are areas for development
  • Recommendations as to how EDI can be embedded across all UKSG’s activities in future, including a)    baseline data and suggested measures or indicators of success/progress and b) a prioritised list of proposed activities and initiatives
  • Final written report and/or slide deck


Invitation to tender published    12 December 2022
Deadline for responses    17 January 2023
Supplier interviews    24 January 2023
Contract award    27 January 2023
Project completion    31 March 2023


The indicative budget available for the delivery of this project is £5,000 (exclusive of VAT).

Selection criteria

Proposals will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • The proposed approach to conducting the audit (25%)
  • The relevant experience of the proposed project team (25%)
  • The proposed approach to meeting deliverables (20%)
  • Your approach to working practice, communication and project management (20%)
  • Cost for the proposal (10%)


Please respond to this opportunity by addressing the following:

  • Project specification: Describing how you would meet the requirements described in the Project Specification including any additional approaches or methodologies you might utilise to address the issues identified.
  • Experience: Providing evidence of your relevant experience and expertise, including details of relevant projects successfully completed in the past 3 years. This should include your experience of working with some or all of the key project audiences.
  • Key deliverables: Provide an outline of how you will deliver the programme within the timeframe of the project.
  • Working practice, communication and project management: Provide an outline of how you would ensure good communication and close working with UKSG throughout the project, and how you would ensure that the project is managed effectively.
  • Cost: Providing a total price for you to deliver the project, as well as a detailed budget breakdown showing staff and other costs.

Support available from UKSG

UKSG Executive can provide assistance with distribution of surveys and contacting volunteers after agreement.


For questions, please contact Joanna Ball, Chair of the Board of Trustees (

Proposals should be submitted to Bev Acreman, Executive Director ( by 17th January 2023