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Accessibility is one of the fundamental principles of publishing and disseminating content in a world where the majority of our interactions take place through digital means...However, accessibility is not just an ambition: in many jurisdictions, it is now a legal requirement with legislation stating that materials cannot be adopted by institutions like universities without meeting a certain accessibility level. This has made accessibility a significant focus area for academic publishers and libraries alike.

UKSG news

A message from Brian about the social aspects of the conference on the 12-14 April.

Industry news

Revenue increased by 2%, EBITDA by 27%, and net profit by 35%, with strong revenue development in Q4
Austria will open the 92nd national centre in the ISSN Network: the Hauptverband des Österreichischen Buchhandels (the Austrian Publishers and Booksellers Association), in Vienna, will host the ISSN National Centre for Austria starting April 1st, 2021.
Jisc has announced that it will be using Unsub, an analytics dashboard, to help evaluate journal agreements that UK universities hold with publishers.
Funder policies surrounding open access have led to a revival in university presses in the UK and overseas. A 2017 report found that in the past five years, 21 new university presses (NUPs) have become operational and this number may rise to 30 over the next five years.
The Royal Society will supply open access articles, including all those made open access under the agreement, to the Router.
Agreement covers the distribution of open access books through the CEPIEC iResearch platform.
The LIA Foundation for Accessible Italian books was established in 2014 from the shared desire of the Italian Publishers Association and the Italian Blind and Visually Impaired Union to make digital content accessible to all potential readers.
"OA Diamond Study", a collective work undertaken by a group of 10 organisations commissioned by Science Europe and cOAlition S to explore open access journals that are free for readers and authors, and better ways to support them in the future.