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13 July 2006 16:09

New UKSG Research Project: Link Resolvers and the Serials Supply Chain

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UKSG Research Project: Link Resolvers and the Serials Supply Chain

In academic libraries Open URL and linking technology is transforming access to electronic journals and articles. As digital library collections become 'mission critical' and libraries move to electronic only serials, it is essential that electronic content is made available in a timely, reliable and accurate manner. The accuracy and timeliness of the knowledge bases that lie behind linking technology is critical.

The experience of many libraries is that while resolver technology has the real potential to enhance access to digital collections, in practice it has also introduced a range of new problems. There can be significant delays in the updating of knowledge bases, the titles in packages from content aggregators can be inaccurate as is identifying who needs to do what to solve such problems.

The traditional serials supply chain of publishers, subscription agents and librarians has become more complex with a new player - companies providing resolver software and the knowledge bases behind them. By studying the roles and expectations of the various parts in the supply chain we should be able to identify and clarify the expectations, performance issues and barriers that need to be overcome to ensure a smooth supply chain to the end user.

This email invites tender proposals to undertake a study to identify the new relationships and information exchange requirements between publishers, resolver software and knowledge base suppliers, subscription agents and librarians to maximise the benefit of OpenURL linking.

More detail can be found at: and if you have any questions, please email


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