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Tuesday 6th & Friday 9th July

Join us for this two-part online event that has been adapted from UKSG’s successful and long-running one-day seminar and aims to present a practical introductory overview of all aspects of e-resources management, encompassing e-journals, e-books and bibliographic and full-text databases. Taking place online as two morning sessions on Tuesday 6th July and Friday 9th July.

The emphasis is on developing a sound basic understanding of the details of e-resources handling in order to promote efficient and informed working practices.  A wide range of day-to-day issues will be covered, with time devoted to recognising and resolving the problems that can arise at the boundaries between publishers, intermediaries and libraries, and addressing business models such as open access.  In addition, the seminar will provide a forum for a virtual group discussion on the current issues and opportunities offered by e-books. 

The seminar is designed particularly for staff who are new to working with e-resources, whether from a publisher, an intermediary or a library, this seminar may also be of interest to those looking to consolidate and update their e-resources knowledge.

For more details or to reserved your place visit the event webpage