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'What is all this fuss about? Is wrong metadata really bad for libraries and their end-users?' by Magaly Bascones and Amy Staniforth (research article)

"...the problem of bad metadata is too big and too widespread to continue with ‘small fixes’ and marketing-related ‘solutions’."

'The ‘upside down’: exploring offset pricing models and article deposit terms at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)' by Stephen Buck (case study)

"Everything was fine when we only had to deal with print journals. You could see them, you could touch them, you knew when they had arrived in your library (or not), and you could understand the publisher’s role in ‘making’ them."

'New advances in open source infrastructure support: accelerated book digitization with Editoria' by Clare Dean (start-up story)

"Open source infrastructure is relatively new to the publishing industry and can seem risky at first."


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