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It's been busy in the Insights publication office... In case you missed them, here are the most recent articles:

'OpenAPC: a contribution to a transparent and reproducible monitoring of fee-based open access publishing across institutions and nations' by Dirk Pieper and Christoph Broschinski

With regard to offsetting, it seems that big deals are increasing the level of open access in hybrid journals, but not enough to flip journals entirely. 

'How can bibliometric and altmetric suppliers improve? Messages from the end-user community' by Elizabeth Gadd and Ian Rowlands

Responses could be categorized into four main themes: A) Improve and share your data; B) Be more responsible; C) Improve your tools; D) Improve your indicators. 

'Monographs on the move?: a view on ‘decoupling’ and other prospects' by Andrew Lockett 

Innovative university presses across the world are already retooling to operate in an environment which is competitive but one in which they aim to serve the demands of readers and authors, students at their own universities, and provide truly broad dissemination.

'Research cafés: how libraries can build communities through research and engagement' by Katherine Stephan

Research cafés facilitate an interesting intersection of people, community and research, where the goal is to share what we have learned.

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