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12 January 2024

As part of our strategic vision launched in 2022, UKSG is committed to embracing and representing the diversity of the global knowledge community in our activities and addressing areas of under-representation throughout the organisation.

Why EDI matters

  •  UKSG needs to reflect the diversity of the community it serves. Bringing in people with diverse backgrounds and lived experiences means we can draw on a wider range of ideas and perspectives when making decisions affecting the whole community. 
  • Embodying and promoting EDI is the right thing to do and reflects our commitment to the principles of social justice.
  • We recognise the pervasive issue of under-representation within our sector, and we acknowledge that this challenge is currently reflected in UKSG.
  • We recognise the unique role UKSG already plays in sharing good practice and influencing the sector. Equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility must be embedded at UKSG internally to maximise its role externally.

Our EDI vision

  • Inclusive - an inclusive environment where individuals, of all backgrounds, identities and experiences, feel welcomed, valued and empowered, and their contributions recognised and respected.
  • Representative - membership and activities that represent and include a wide range of voices and perspectives; and leadership, decision-making groups and processes where these voices are heard.
  • Empowering - resources, training and collaborations to promote and influence a deeper understanding of EDI issues across the sector and to empower our members and staff to be advocates for equity, diversity and inclusion.