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Where possible, we have obtained presentation slides from the briefing session speakers at the 31st UKSG Annual Conference. These are posted below, along with links to reviews of the sessions on UKSG's LiveSerials blog. Slides and reports of the conference's plenary sessions can be found here.

Group A: Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th April 2008

Tamar Sadeh, Ex Libris

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Adapting workflows to acquisitions of e-resources
Karin Grönvall and Therese Dahlberg, Karolinska Institutet, University Library

LOCKSS and OpenLOCKSS: a UK journal preservation experience
Adam Rusbridge and William J Nixon, University of Glasgow

Why journals change publishers
Mark Ware, Mark Ware Consulting

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Document supply in the digital world
Joachim Schöpfel and Jacqueline Gillet, INIST-CNRS; Mike McGrath, Editor, Interlending & Document Supply

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JISC National E-books Observatory Project: progress and findings
Caren Milloy, JISC Collections

The changing face of library automation and open source solutions and trends
Ken Chad, Ken Chad Consulting

Expanding access to serials and other holdings through Faceted Browse
James Mouw, The University of Chicago Library

Making Services Mobile
Stuart Smith, MIMAS, University of Manchester

How to make your IR effective as a publishing platform for grey literature
Toby Green, OECD Publishing

The Usage Factor: how can we enhance the relevance of usage as an indicator of relative value?
Richard Gedye, Oxford Journals

Agents, publishers and added value: how do libraries view the performance of subscription agents and journal publishers?
Rick Anderson, University of Utah; Jill Emery, The University of Texas at Austin

Managing research outputs – embedding repositories into the institutional research process
Bill Hubbard, SHERPA, University of Nottingham

Feasibility of Cross-Jurisdiction Common Access Management Federation Agreements
Jason Campbell, JISC and Bo Öhrström, Denmark’s Electronic Research Library (DEFF)

The OAI Object Re-Use & Exchange Interoperability Framework
Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Research Library

Group B: Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th April 2008

Developing an e-book collection: a toolkit for libraries
Kate Price, University of Surrey

Getting (slightly) technical – an introduction to linking
Ross Macintyre, MIMAS, The University of Manchester

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Licensing or partnerships – exploring evolving provider models and relationships in e-resources
Judy Luther, Informed Strategies LLC; David Parkes, Staffordshire University
  • no slides are available for this session

SUSHI: a beginner’s guide to NISO’s Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative
Oliver Pesch, EBSCO Information Services

The ticTOCs Project: transforming current awareness
Terry Bucknell, the University of Liverpool; Roddy MacLeod, Heriot-Watt University

Knowing your users: research you can do
Judi Briden, University of Rochester, River Campus Libraries

KBART: improving the supply of data to link resolvers and knowledge bases
Charlie Rapple, Publishing Technology plc

Moving towards mass digitisation
Ronald Milne, British Library
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The UK Research Reserve: Phase 1 outcomes and future development
Nicola Wright, Imperial College London

  • unfortunately, we do not have permission to post slides from this presentation

UKSG Project Transfer
Ed Pentz, CrossRef

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HINARI/AGORA/OARE: an overview of three journal access programmes
Steve Glover, Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust; Gracian Chimwaza, ITOCA – Information Training & Outreach Centre for Africa

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Library catalogue metadata basics for publishers
Steven Shadle, University of Washington Libraries

Improving the customer experience
Lesley Crawshaw, University of Hertfordshire

Implementing Library Learning 2.0 at your library
Robin Hastings and Bobbi L Newman, Missouri River Regional Library

Identifiers: not only … but also
Leigh Dodds, Ingenta, a division of Publishing Technology