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Section 1: contact details


Section 2: employment/experience

Section 3: reasons for applying

Provide a short answer (250-400 words) on the topic of ‘what is the biggest challenge in your current job OR in the library sector right now, and how, in an ideal world, would you address it?’

Guidance: you may wish to outline a practical proposal that could be easily implemented with the right resources or a more ambitious ‘blue skies’ solution for the sector.

You could consider: is there a gap in current provision or a lack of joined up thinking? If you were in the charge of the budget or hiring what would you spend it on? If you had the right skills/team, what would you want to implement?
UKSG may be able to work with the successful applicant to make their idea a reality, for example, by providing a grant from the UKSG Research and Innovation Group. Alternatively, we might ask you to write up your ideas as an Insights article.

Section 4: referee

If you are expecting to attend NASIG and UKSG during work time, your referee must be your line manager so that they can confirm you will be able to attend. Referees will only be contacted if your application is successful. They will be asked to confirm that the details you have supplied are accurate.

You can find the terms and conditions here