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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the dormant company, UK Serials Association
held on Tuesday 16 April 2002 at University of Warwick

1. Approval of Accounts

Christine Fyfe reported a nil return on the accounts and proposed the accounts be accepted. This was seconded by Jill Taylor-Roe and accepted unanimously.

2. Appointment of Auditors

Jill Taylor-Roe proposed that Bowman & Co, The Old Brewery, Priory Lane, Burford, Oxon, OX18 4SG be appointed as auditors. This was seconded by Keith Courtney and accepted unanimously.

3. Remuneration of the Auditor

This was proposed at �1500 by Richard Hodson and seconded by Jayne Everard. The proposal was carried unanimously.

4. Appointment of Directors and Members

Lyndsay Rees-Jones proposed that the newly elected committee of the United Kingdom Serials Group be appointed as Directors and members of the UK Serials Association, being:


Chair Christine Fyfe (University of Warwick)
Secretary Jill Taylor-Roe (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
Treasurer Keith Courtney (Taylor & Francis)

Frances Boyle (University of Oxford), Lesley Crawshaw (University of Hertfordshire), Jayne Everard (Staffordshire University), Nancy Gerry (Blackwell Publishing), Paul Harwood (Swets Blackwell), Tony Kidd (University of Glasgow), Ross MacIntyre (MIMAS, University of Manchester), Terry Morrow (Ingenta), Lyndsay Rees-Jones (CILIP).

This was seconded by Jill Taylor-Roe and carried unanimously.

5. Retirement of Directors and Elected Members

Tony Kidd proposed that the current directors and members, being the retiring 2002 committee of the United Kingdom Serials Group, retire. This was seconded by Ross MacIntyre and carried unanimously.

6. Any Other Business

No other business was referred.