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This is a new two-part online event looking at the rapidly developing landscape of support for Open Access Monograph publishing. Taking place as two morning sessions on Tuesday 22nd August and Thursday 24th August.


August 22 2023 - 09:30
August 24 2023 - 12:30


United Kingdom

About the Event


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Course Summary

The seminar will explore the current landscape of support for Open Access Monograph publishing. With new funder requirements around openness for books being introduced in the UK and other countries, this topic is increasingly important to Librarians, publishers and intermediaries, and is undergoing rapid development. 

The seminar will include a variety of case studies showcasing and exploring the current framework for Open Access monograph publishing in the UK and Europe. It will investigate the diversity of Open Access monograph publishers, as well as how OA book and chapter provision has evolved over time. The session will also highlight several new collaborative sector initiatives looking to support and foster open access monograph publishing, as well as several that have a particular focus on expanding the promotion and discovery of open monographs.

The course will also look to compare and contrast approaches to monograph provision and support by country, with case studies from the UK and Sweden.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the key challenges in facilitating open access monographs.
  • Be aware of how open access monograph publishing, and support for this publishing, has evolved over time.
  • Have an insight into the variety of different forms of Open Access monograph publisher
  • Gain an introduction to the existing support framework for researchers looking to produce OA monographs, including some of the sector initiatives in this area.
  • Have some understanding of how different countries are approaching the challenges of OA monograph support and discovery.

Who should attend?

The seminar will be of interest to those involved (or interested) in any area of open access publishing or research support, especially in the UK and Europe. The subject material will be useful for anyone wishing to develop their understanding of this rapidly developing topic. It will be of particular relevance to librarians, publishers, intermediaries and funders who are working directly in the production or support of open access monographs, or who are having to consider these challenges in light of new funder requirements.

Course level and previous knowledge required

Attendees should possess an understanding of the fundamentals of Open Access, as these will not be covered by the event.

Attendee Information


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UKSG wants to provide the best possible experience for all our delegates, making presentations as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Our intention were possible is to strongly encourage our speakers to provide auto generated closed captioning for both live and recorded events as well as to make sure their slides are as easy as possible for all people to read. In addition we can provide auto generated transcripts post event for each of the recorded sessions.

If you have particular accessibility needs or questions about this seminar/webinar, we encourage you to contact to discuss further. 


The sessions will be recorded and available to all registered delegates only after the event, so if you unable to join us live or want to review any presentation this will be available. 


Programme and Speakers



Note all times are BST.


A field in flux: change, challenge, and collective progress for OA books

Open access is leading to significant changes in book publishing, with implications for publishers, libraries, and authors—as well as universities, funders, and more! I’ll attempt to give an overview of some of these changes, focusing particularly on community-led projects I’m involved with, such as COPIM’s Open Book Futures; policy changes, including UKRI and the PALOMERA project; and the rise in collective models to support the costs of OA book publishing. I’ll cover some of the challenges these changes pose, but also the potential for a shift that brings many more readers to the academic book.

Lucy Barnes
Open Book Publishers

Lucy Barnes is Editor and Outreach Coordinator at Open Book Publishers, a leading independent Open Access book publisher. She also works on outreach for the COPIM (Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs) project and for the ScholarLed consortium. She coordinates the Open Access Books Network ( in collaboration with OAPEN, OPERAS, ScholarLed and Sparc Europe, and she is on the Editorial Advisory Board for the OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit. She is also (slowly but surely) completing a PhD on nineteenth-century theatrical adaptations of novels and poetry. You can find her on Twitter @alittleroad.


Malmo University Press

Mat Blomberg
Malmo University Press




How White Rose University Press (WRUP) is navigating the OA landscape: Past, present and future …

White Rose University Press (WRUP) is a library-led, non-profit academic press, we are an established Press having opened our doors in 2016. This talk will focus on our development in relation to the OA landscape to this point, and next steps on how we intend to build on that growth, while continuing to support the wider OA community.

WRUP contributes to initiatives like the Jisc New University Press Toolkit, co-created a series of Mythbusting workshops focusing on open access monographs, and is also a founding member of the new Open Institutional Publishing Association; activities which aim to support and drive the OA publishing community. As a Library Publisher, with other institutional and scholar-led publishing initiatives, this talk will hopefully show how we are working together to shape a new way forward.

Lucy Cook
White Rose University Press

Lucy is the Publishing and Communications Assistant for White Rose University Press, and is based at the University of York. Her role is focussed around increasing the production capacity of, and supporting advocacy work for, WRUP. She also supports all aspects of the publication process, and is currently working on a project to build the profile of WRUP across Leeds, Sheffield and York, and beyond


Open Access for Longform Scholarship

The truth is paywalled but the lies are free. How do we go about unlocking longform scholarship? UK-authored shortform scholarship now has very high rates of open access. By contrast, UK-authored longform scholarship remains largely unavailable to the UK public that helps fund its creation. At Arcadia we believe that equitable open access to longform scholarship is eminently achievable, given sufficient will. Providing open access to scholarship isn’t just for those with ‘external grants’, it is for everyone. This talk will explore the variety of ways of doing open access monograph publishing.

Ross Mounce

Ross is Director of Open Access Programmes at Arcadia - a charitable foundation that works to protect nature, preserve cultural heritage and promote open access to knowledge. Since 2002 Arcadia has awarded more than $1 billion to organizations around the world.

Programme and Speakers




Bloomsbury Open Collections: A collective-action model for open access monographs

Bloomsbury Open Collections seeks to spread the cost of open-access books across multiple organisations while providing private benefits to participating libraries. In our pilot year, we are aiming to make 20 frontlist monographs in African Studies and International Development open access immediately upon publication. In this talk I’ll share our aims and motivations, explain how the model works and why we designed it this way, and explore what we’ve learnt so far and what might come next.

Ros Pyne
Bloomsbury Academic

Ros Pyne is Global Director, Research and Open Access at Bloomsbury Academic. She has worked in open access policy and strategy roles for over a decade and has a particular interest in bringing OA to long-form scholarship and to the humanities. Ros sits on the advisory boards for the OAPEN OA Books Toolkit and the Mellon-funded Book Analytics Dashboard Project and is co-author of several papers on open access books.


Professor of history and Kriterium

Kriterium is a platform for the review, publication and dissemination of high-quality academic books. Kriterium is a way of awarding a quality label to academic research, with a certification that ensures and shows that a scientific publication has undergone a controlled and documented peer review process. Books with the Kriterium label are also made freely available online.

Kriterium is a collaborative venture between Swedish universities and Swedish publishers, with representatives from the Swedish Research Council, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, the National Library of Sweden.

The Kriterium portal is open to academic research from all institutions of higher education and independent scholars. Kriterium is primarily intended for research and researchers with a Swedish connection, and will thus uphold the tradition of academic books published in Sweden.

Ulf Zander
Land University

Ulf Zander is Professor in history at Lund University, Sweden. He has written extensively about the post-war history of the Holocaust as well as on film and history. Among his recent publications could be mentioned “La Suède et la Shoah” in Revue d’historie de la Shoah (2015), “Remembering and Forgetting the Holocaust – The Cases of Jan Karski and Raoul Wallenberg”, in The Europeanization of Heritage and Memories in Poland and Sweden (2016) and Raoul Wallenberg - Life and legacy (in press). He is co-editor of some twenty volumes and is interested in matters of publishing.




The role of OAPEN and DOAB in supporting OA monographs

This session will focus on how the two separate but complimentary infrastructure services, OAPEN and DOAB, have supported and continue to support the transition to OA for monographs

Silke Davison

Silke Davison is Community Manager at OAPEN and the DOAB, where she is responsible for the development of and engagement with their library communities, seeking to promote and support the transition to open access for academic books. Prior to this, she worked at Frontiers and Springer Nature, and completed an MA in Publishing at UCL.


Scottish Universities Press - Libraries Collaborating at Scale

Scottish Universities Press (SUP) is a new library-led open access publishing initiative, which has the support of 18 higher education institutions that are members of the Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries (SCURL). This case study outlines the journey of SUP from start-up to plans for scaling up, presenting the rationale for the SUP approach and highlighting lessons learnt that will be useful for other new presses and those considering a consortia approach.

Gillian Daly
Scottish Universities Press

Gillian Daly is the Executive Officer of the Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries (SCURL) and Press Manager for the new Scottish Universities Press (SUP). Gillian has broad experience of leading initiatives at Scotland-wide scale through previous roles as Head of Policy and Projects at the Scottish Library and Information Council and as Knowledge Exchange Partnership Manager at the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities.


Wrap Up and Close


April 26 2023 - 08:00 - August 21 2023 - 11:00

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