UKSG E-Resources Technical Update: WEBINAR

20 Sep 2011 08:47
28 Sep 2011 08:47

Webinar format

For the first time UKSG will be running its popular ERTU course as a series of four webinars.  The full content of the original one-day course will be split into four 1½-hour sessions, with Session 1 on 20 September, Session 2 on 21 September, Session 3 on 27 September and Session 4 on 28 September.  Each session will commence at 14.00 BST.  The webinar format will suit those who may not be able to leave the office for a full day or who find training venues difficult to reach, those who wish to save on transport and environmental costs, or those who simply wish to receive high-quality training at the best possible price.  The flat rate cost will cover all four sessions.

Course summaryUKSG training awarded the CILIP Seal of Recognition

Many of us working directly with e-resources in libraries would like to feel more confident in our understanding of the related technology.  Managing e-resources and making them available to end-users is quite different from dealing with print products, but many of us have moved from one to the other, picking up expertise informally.  As a result we probably all have gaps in our knowledge and understanding, and the need to gain a proper balanced overview of the technical environment is crucial if we are to do our jobs effectively.

The UKSG E-Resources Technical Update course will give you a good understanding of the underlying technicalities involved in e-resource set-up and delivery, including e-journals, online databases and e-books, and will help you feel more confident in your day-to-day work.

Why you should participate

The course will be invaluable for anyone from a non-technical background working with
e-journals and other e-resources.  Participants will be encouraged to share any issues or problems they encounter in their work.

Course level and previous knowledge required

It is recommended that those completely new to dealing with journals should first attend the UKSG Introduction to Serials and E-Resources Today, a one-day seminar run in a variety of locations which covers all aspects of the serials and e-resources industry and features an introductory technical session.  If you are not completely new to journals no previous knowledge is required.

Learning objectives

• Learn how to overcome common problems in implementing e-resources
• Have the tools to help you decide the best way of setting up access to e-resources in your institution/organisation
• Be confident that you understand the technical landscape when dealing with
e-resource providers. 

Course content

The core content, spread over the four webinar sessions, will be as follows:

Classifying E-Resources (Session 1)
• Identifying the major players involved in e-resource provision
• The differences between gateways, platforms, publisher websites, aggregators, search engine-based gateways and library gateways.

Reader Behaviour (Session 2)
• Where do users choose to begin their research?
• Advances in user navigation.

Managing User Navigation (Sessions 2-3)
• Linking through URL and OpenURL, the development and importance of Link Servers
• The role of library web pages, OPACs, A-Z lists, federated search and web scale discovery.

Managing Authentication (Sessions 3-4)
• User authentication methodologies
• IP address ranges, proxies and firewalls
• Athens, federated access and Shibboleth
• OpenID developments.

Open Access (Session 4)
• Organising access to open access content.

Please note that some modules will start in one session and finish in the one following but each day's webinar session will start with a quick recap of the days preceding.

Technical requirements


This seminar will be conducted via the WebEx web conferencing system .  A computer with internet connection and an adjacent telephone or VoIP (Voice over IP) are required.  Instructions on setting up your computer to run WebEx will be provided once you are fully registered but you can test your browser now by taking the WebEx 'Join Meeting' test at .  You will be required to enter your name and e-mail address and possibly run a small download.  If you do not receive a 'Congratulations!' message shortly thereafter you should seek further IT advice.  Details of this test will also be sent to registered participants a few days before the first webinar.

WebEx does not require additional software and will run on the majority of web browsers with javascript and cookies enabled, but UKSG cannot respond to technical questions about local systems.  Please ensure that your computer meets the WebEx system requirements listed at: .

If you are unsure whether your computer meets these requirements, please contact your local IT support team for assistance.


UKSG members:  £90.00 + £18.00 VAT [20%] (total £108.00) 
Non-members:  £125.00 + £25.00 VAT [20%] (total £150.00)

The fee is a flat rate cost for participating in all four sessions.

How to book

The booking date for this course has now passed.  For further information, please contact Karen Sadler by email  or by telephone - +44 (0)1865 310834.


By Monday 12 September 2011 - full refund
From Tuesday 13 Sepember 2011 - no refund

NB:  UK Serials Group reserves the right to alter or vary the programme
due to events or circumstances beyond its reasonable control without
being obliged to refund monies.


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