Annual Conference and Exhibition

The UKSG annual conference is a major three-day event in the scholarly communications calendar. It covers a wide range of topics relevant to publishers, content providers, librarians and intermediaries. It attracts around 900 delegates each year from around the world and is a great opportunity to keep up to date with trends, get practical information and network. The Annual Conference and Exhibition takes place in the UK each Spring and is open to all. UKSG members benefit from a significant discount on fees.  The conference combines high-quality papers and breakout sessions with social events and a major trade exhibition.

What do delegates say?

“For me, this is still THE best information sharing and networking event on the professional calendar.”

“It exceeded my expectations, I am an experienced librarian but new to my current post and I found it incredibly inspiring. Thank you!”

“It is an excellent opportunity to meet our vendors and have a chance to talk to people who work with the same things as I do. I look forward to the conference every year.”

“UKSG is one of my favourite conferences! I enjoy the mix of librarians, publishers, vendors etc. and I appreciate the greater feeling of collaboration at this event.”

What do exhibitors say?

“UKSG is a key event and the most productive conference on our calendar.”

“It allows us to engage with a large number of both existing and prospective customers from all over the UK and Northern Europe.”

“We see this as a key event in our calendar and it’s a very important event for connecting with customers and prospects.”


UKSG and NASIG are sister organisations offering two lucky winners, one each from NASIG and UKSG, the chance to attend each other's annual conference.  The award is named in honour of John Merriman, in recognition of his work in founding both UKSG and NASIG. 

UKSG offers six free places for students and early career professionals to attend their Annual Conference and Exhibition.

Forthcoming Conferences

Our 40th Annual Conference will be held in Harrogate, UK from 10-12 April 2017.

Previous Conferences

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Reports from our annual conference.

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