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Where possible, we have obtained presentation slides from the plenary session speakers at the 30th UKSG Annual Conference. These are posted below, along with links to reviews of the sessions on UKSG's LiveSerials blog. Slides and reports of the conference's briefing sessions can be found here.

Monday 16th April 2007

We regret that we do not have permission to post the presentations given by Clifford Guren (Microsoft), Jens Redmer (Google) and T. Scott Plutchak (University of Alabama at Birmingham). However, reviews of their presentations are available on the LiveSerials blog:

Marketing the library: using technology to increase visibility, impact and reader engagement
Melinda Kenneway, TBI Communications

Tuesday 17th April 2007

E-textbooks: opportunities, innovations, distractions and dilemmas
Tom Davy, Thomson Learning EMEA

E-books: reinventing the wheel
Warren Holder, University of Toronto Libraries

Are they any use? Hazards of price-per-use comparisons in e-journal management
Jason Price, Claremont Colleges Libraries

COUNTER: achievements and future challenges
Peter Shepherd, Director, COUNTER

Wednesday 18th April 2007

Can open-access repositories and peer-reviewed journals co-exist?
Stephen Pinfield, University of Nottingham

Will the parasite kill the host?
Sally Morris, Morris Associates Publishing Consultancy

Can the past thirty years tell us about the next decade? A personal review of the recent and future history of the journal
John Cox, John Cox Associates Ltd

Library 2.0: inventing the future
Stephen Abram, SirsiDynix