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Where possible, we have obtained presentation slides from the briefing session speakers at the 33rd UKSG Annual Conference. These are posted below, along with links to reviews of the sessions on UKSG's LiveSerials blog. Slides and reports of the conference's plenary sessions can be found here.

Group A: Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th April 2010

Link resolvers and the KBART project
Sarah Pearson, University of Birmingham 

Making e-books easy (or trying to): establishing acquisitions procedures at the University of Surrey
Kate Price, University of Surrey

E-books for FE - a digital library for FE colleges
Anna Vernon, JISC Collections

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Communicating licensing terms - breaking the implementation impasse
Mark Bide, EDItEUR

Working with subscription agents - 2010 and beyond
Claire Grace, Beverley Delaney, The Open University

Article-level metrics at the Public Library of Science (PLoS)
Peter Binfield, the Public Library of Science

Society journal publishing in the 21st century
Ian Russell, ALPSP

Threats and opportunities from the semantic web
Richard Padley, Semantico

Is the party really over now? perceptions of the Big Deal, one year on
Jill Taylor-Roe, Newcastle University

The JISC Usage Statistics Portal
Ross Macintyre, The University of Manchester

Librarians' attitudes to digital preservation: what does our survey reveal?
Colin Meddings, Oxford University Press

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Maximising use of library resources at the University of Huddersfield
Sue White, Graham Stone, University of Huddersfield

A library for the 21st century: is e-only finally a possibility?
Monica Crump, Neil O'Brien, NUI Galway

Telling Tales: a guided tour of the JISC Digitisation Programme
Ben Showers, JISC

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Group B: Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th April 2010

A beginner's guide to authentication
Simon Inger, Simon Inger Consulting

"Just in case" vs "Just in time": e-book purchasing models
Steve Sharp, University of Leeds and Sarah Thompson, University of York

SHEDL: the Scottish Higher Education Digital Library
Liz Stevenson, University of Edinburgh and Tony Kidd, University of Glasgow

Collaborative e-journals project in the NHS East of England
Lyn Edmonds, Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Carolyn Alderson, JISC Collections

Anti-acquisitions librarians in the era of economic downsizing
Dana Walker, University of Georgia Libraries and Jill Emery, University of Texas Libraries

Peaceful coexistence? Library-delivered e-textbooks and traditional student purchases: preliminary findings from a JISC Collections study
Paul Harwood, JISC Collections

Economics of information supply - is free information good enough?
Tom Roper, South Thames College

E-book readers in a mobile-friendly library
Alison Brock, the Open University

Real challenges in a virtual world
Philippa Sheail, Scottish Digital Library Consortium

The Linking ISSN: new data for new functions
François-Xavier Pelegrin, ISSN International Centre

"A picture is worth a thousand words": using visualisation techniques to get to grips with your user data
James Culling, DataSalon Ltd

Europeana: vision or madness?
Jill Cousins, EDL Foundation

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The UKSG Usage Factor project: a progress report
Richard Gedye, Oxford University Press