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Where possible, we have obtained presentation slides from the plenary session speakers at the 32nd UKSG Annual Conference. These are posted below, along with links to reviews of the sessions on UKSG's LiveSerials blog. Slides and reports of the conference's breakout sessions can be found here.

Monday 30th March 2009

Beyond Open Access
Jan Velterop, Knewco, Inc.

How technology is changing learning and research in universities
Sir Timothy O'Shea, University of Edinburgh

Where do we go from here?
Joseph Janes, University of Washington Information School

2020: A Publishing Odyssey
Ahmed Hindawi, Hindawi Publishing Corporation

Science Publishing in 2014-2019
Derk Haank, Springer Science + Business Media

Tuesday 31st March 2009

JISC National E-books Observatory: some findings from the project and how we will use them
Lorraine Estelle, JISC Collections

University of Toronto E-book Study: turning the page
Warren Holder, University of Toronto Libraries

What's Happening with E-books? Assessing the impact of e-books on the higher education sector
Jill Jones, Cengage Learning

  • unfortunately, we do not have permission to post slides from this session

Understanding and recognising research excellence
Jay Katzen, Elsevier

  • unfortunately, we do not have permission to post slides from this session
  • read review of session on UKSG's LiveSerials blog

Journal spend, use and research outcomes: a UK perspective on value for money
Ian Rowlands, CIBER

Wednesday 1st April 2009

To every thing there is a season: reflections on the Big Deal and what might replace it
Jill Taylor-Roe, Newcastle University

Clubs, jokers and the ace of spades: consortia and business models behind the Big Deal
Hugh Look, Rightscom Ltd

Where are library consortia going?
Katherine A Perry, VIVA (The Virtual Library of Virginia)

Security at the digital cocktail party: social networking meets IAM
Slawomir Gorniak, European Network and Information Security Agency

Charles Leadbeater, Visiting Fellow, National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts

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