UKSG for Publishers

UKSG is the international body for professionals involved in publishing electronic and hard copy academic and research literature and offers publishers a unique opportunity to communciate with librarian customer, vendors and others in the supply chain.

With an influential discussion list, lis-e-resources, a topical newsletter, UKSG eNews and a sell-out annual conference, publishers are given the opportunity to make their voices heard. In addition, we run regular training and development seminars devoted to topics affecting the scholarly publishing community.

Join now and take advantage of the following:

  • Training opportunities for new staff
  • Seminars to bring you up to date with the latest technological and industry trends affecting your service to your customer
  • Conferences where you can network, meet suppliers and swap experiences and ideas with fellow professionals
  • Access to the peer-reviewed journal Insights - containing the latest research in the field of scholarly communications, insights into the work of those employed in all parts of the knowledge community (including librarians, publishers and intermediaries), and much more...


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