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UKSG news

UKSG2022 Conference latest, upcoming free webinar and the latest from Insights
Bank holidays, new additions to the conference programme, award winners, free events and the latest from Insights.
Conference news, forthcoming events and the latest from UKSG Insights.
Meet our new Trustees - election results announced at this week's AGM, plus Conference news (you could have a chance to present your project!) and the latest Insights article.
More on the upcoming AGM, the latest details about the conference and exhibition in May - including how you can get your free all expenses paid place! - and the latest from Insights.
The latest news about the conference and exhibition in May (and how to get your all-expenses paid place), our Annual General Meeting at the end of this month and two recent Insights articles.
We are delighted to have such high calibre candidates consider standing for election to the board of trustees of UKSG. They are: Romy Beard, Consultant; James Bennet, CLA; Richard Bridgen, HEE; Claire Grace, Open University; Bruce Heterick, ITHAKA; Bethany Logan, Sussex; Ruth Phillips, Middlesex; Harriet Notman, Jisc; Philip Vaughan, Coventry; Charlie Rapple, Kudos; Katherine Rose, Imperial; Josh Sendall, Nottingham; and Uwe Stehle, Thieme
News about Elections, AGMs, the latest on the annual conference (including how to get an all-expense paid trip to both UKSG and NASIG, and the latest Insights articles.
Updates on the annual conference, announcing the date for our AGM and details on how to stand for election as a Trustee of UKSG and make you voice heard! Plus, the latest Insights article.
A round up of what's going on here at UKSG!