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UKSG news

More speakers make their presentations available.
The Annual General Meeting of UKSG will now be held virtually on the 20 May 2020 and UKSG is encouraging all members to join.
Another two new 'Insights' articles are now available, one providing an overview of ways in which members of the Association of University Presses are working towards more inclusive practices in scholarly publishing, and the other a librarian sharing her experiences of writing for academic publication.
Another two new 'Insights' articles are now available, one looking at the consequences of the decision of the Bibsam consortium to cancel its journal licence agreement with Elsevier, and the other exploring the role of Wikipedia in the information ecosystem.
UKSG has announced that Josh Sendall, University of Lancaster, will be joining Helle Lauridsen and replacing Leo Appleton as a co-editor of 'UKSG eNews'.
Three free UKSG webinars, being held on 27 April, 7 and 13 May 2020, are now open for registration.
Bev Acreman, UKSG Executive Director, with an update on what has been happening since the cancellation of the 2020 UKSG Conference, including some heartwarming news about donations to food banks and hospitals.
Another new 'Insights' article is now available, a paper from Australia by Susan Boulton exploring the community reach and societal impact of institutional repositories, with particular reference to Griffith Research Online (GRO), Griffith University’s institutional repository.
Two new 'Insights' articles are now available: one is an opinion piece by Eamon Costello questioning some of the assumptions held about ‘native’ English speakers; the other, by Theo Stubbs and Chris Banks, summarises the achievements of the United Kingdom Research Reserve (UKRR) project.
Two new 'Insights' articles are now available: one describes the Open Access eXchange (OAeX) project, an economic model and fundraising platform for open scholarship initiatives; the other examines the cultural change needed by universities, as identified in the LERU report ‘Open Science and its role in universities: a roadmap for cultural change’.