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Heather Cripps reflects on her experiences at her first ever UKSG annual conference. "I’m an early professional, and sometimes I think that my lack of experience and expertise means that I don’t have as much to offer, but I intend for what I’ve learnt at UKSG to act like new power, like a current. I started this by doing a presentation in my team meeting about what I had learnt and as we move forward into the new academic year I will continue to research and act on these ideas. Anything I do have to offer I will share, and I will always be trying to learn as much as possible from others and pass this on. "

UKSG news

UKSG2022 programme going open access, dates and programme for our November conference now set, upcoming seminar and the latest from UKSG Insights!

Forthcoming events

Resource Discovery is a new seminar which gives an overview of what is discovery from the point of view of librarians, content providers and the technology services. It gives attendees insight into the discovery services landscape, metadata and processes behind scenes.

Industry news

The successful implementation of their new open access requirements for monographs, book chapters and edited collections, ahead of 1 January 2024, is a priority for UKRI.
Nature Research Intelligence provides access to real time data, critical for informing funding and strategic decision-making
AIP Publishing (AIPP) and 67 Bricks have announced a partnership to engage in a series of data-driven experiments around best practices in the field of scholarly publishing. These experiments are grounded in data exploration and will tackle an array of subject areas, from operational improvements to customer experience enhancements to potential new product development.
The CCLP will create a suite of best practices, improve standards, and prototype middleware infrastructure for the development and management of cooperative collections development. It aims to enable the efficient acquisition of collections and the sharing of those collections, along with related services, by developing a framework that libraries and consortia can use to share expertise, data, and collections to efficiently steward limited resources in serving library patrons.
Thieme and ResearchGate have begun a collaboration to increase the visibility of scientific content. With over 20 million members, ResearchGate provides a platform for researchers to share and discover research, build their networks, and advance their careers. The collaboration will enable direct access on ResearchGate to all scientific articles in the 50 open access journals published by Thieme, whose mission is to improve health and healthcare by providing the key information at the right time and in the right place.
scite, a tool that helps students and researchers discover and understand research findings more efficiently through Smart Citations, has partnered with global academic publisher Springer Nature to be listed in the Springer Nature Research Solutions hub for a six-month pilot.
Following feedback from the content expert group on its author facing communications and workflows, Springer Nature submitted a revised application for Jisc-approved transformative journal status for their Nature Research and Palgrave titles.