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"What I do believe is that it gave us the chance to re-evaluate the traditional ways of working, to build afresh where it was appropriate to do so, but also to consolidate those existing practices which we had long employed but realised were still the best way to do things! We’re so often pressed to look for and deliver continuous improvement, but sometimes it is comforting to reassure ourselves that the old ways (in some, but not all cases) are still the best. We learned to value again those things that we had perhaps grown to take for granted."

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The shift away from paywalls and towards open access continues to fundamentally change every area of our sector with new roles, new business models and new power centres. Or is ‘the power’ in scholarship still centred in the same overall hands? Can everyone be a winner in this new world, or do some groups face continued – worse – challenges in the drive to make scholarship open?
Media interest in research has never been greater due to the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and Climate Change, among other topics. How research is communicated varies from an international scale down to local level, as also reflected in the quality of coverage from in-depth news features to poorly referenced, click-bait churnalism. Join us for this online seminar that takes place over one day - Wednesday 8th December.

Industry news

Twenty-six projects related to open science are set to receive a financial stimulus of up to 50,000 euros.
Record first half earnings performance; Sales up 29% as reading surge continues; Interim dividend increased
The OaMetrix matching engine automatically notifies authors if an OA deal is in place between their institution and The Geological Society of London. OaMetrix automatically applies discounts, waivers and tokens when institutions and authors generate a self-service invoice.
This new project aims to address some of the technical issues by making linking between data and other research objects with their associated literature both easier and more consistent.
Following a successful pilot, Springer Nature has now deployed DeepL AI to fill a critical gap and seamlessly integrated auto-translation into its book publishing process.
A new white paper published today from Springer Nature builds on the growing body of evidence that shows that Gold open access (OA) is "best for authors and researchers".