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The recent experiences of our authors in organising and hosting events online

UKSG news

Taking place over two separate days, this popular event is free to all those who work in Further Ed.
The conference theme is 'From Transition to Transformation: providing scholarly content and services in tumultuous times'
The deadline for suggestions is Friday 18th September

Industry news

NISO and the CRediT Steering Committee collaborated to establish a small initial working group, which expects to complete editorial changes to the taxonomy language and submit the draft for final approval in September.
The agreement, which lasts through 2022, will benefit 51 institutions across Poland and will enable hundreds of articles to be made open access each year.
EBSCO to join external stakeholders group to contribute to efforts to improve the reproducibility of research methods and results.
In addition to its 18 journals, Literatum will also host ASM multimedia, datasets, and supplemental materials.
The COVID-19 grant data is now searchable via Europe PMC.
UK publisher sales of academic and professional books and journals rise by 1.3% to nearly £3.3bn – 25.8% higher than in 2015.