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Oxford, UK - 7th April 2008 -UKSG TRANSFER has launched Version 1.0 of its Code of Practice (, which aims to improve the procedures and policies surrounding the transfer of journals between publishers. The initial draft of the Code was released in April 2007 and was applauded as an excellent first step forward by the contributing library and publisher community.

Over the last year the UKSG Transfer Working Group, made up of publishers, librarians and agents, has revised and improved the initial draft of the Code. Version 1.0 of the Code has been released for a public review period to last until 31 May 2008.

The Code is a set of voluntary guidelines for publishers involved in any journal transfer. Comprehensive in its detail, the Code covers the thorny issues of ongoing access provision to online content, exchange of subscriber lists, DOI and URL transfer as well as perpetual access rights to journal content. The UKSG Transfer Working Group is inviting comments on the Code through the website: where the Code of Practice and other information can also be found.

Full details of the Code are being presented at the UKSG Annual Conference in Torquay, UK (7-9 April 2008) where there will be a briefing session by Ed Pentz, Executive Director of CrossRef and Chair of UKSG Transfer. After the public review period the Working Group will review the comments and decide if any revisions are needed to the Code in light of comments received. Once this is done the Code of Practice will be formally released and publishers will be asked to agree to follow the Code.

Publishers agreeing to align their procedures with the Code, and to apply them in practice when working with other, similarly aligned publishers, will be considered 'UKSG Transfer Compliant'. Publishers can apply the Code of Practice immediately for their wholly-owned journals and can do so for journals owned by a third party (such as a society) with new or revised contracts. If you would like more information about the UKSG Transfer Code of Practice, please contact Ed Pentz, Chair, UKSG Transfer.