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10 January 2022

The UKSG Annual Conference 2022 date and venue is changing! 

In light of the uncertainties brought on by the latest developments in the pandemic, the Trustees of UKSG have decided to push back the annual conference to Monday 30th May 2022-Wednesday 1st June 2022, and the venue will be changing to Telford, UK

Our grateful thanks to the Glasgow SEC for being so accommodating – we will see you back there on Thursday 13th April 2023.  

(updated with contact information 17 January 2022)

Update 12 January 2022

From our Vice Chair, Joanna Ball, Managing Director, DOAJ. (Original on twitter, here)

The UKSG Trustees' decision to move the conference was based on a thorough assessment of risks and available options. Changing date/location is a huge amount of work for our team and we know might cause disappointment for some of our speakers, exhibitors and delegates.