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Course summary

Many of us working directly with e-resources in libraries would like to feel more confident in our understanding of the related technology.  Managing e-resources and making them available to end-users is quite different from dealing with print products, but many of us have moved from one to the other, picking up expertise informally.  As a result we probably all have gaps in our knowledge and understanding, and the need to gain a proper balanced overview of the technical environment is crucial if we are to do our jobs effectively.

The UKSG E-Resources Technical Update course will give you a good understanding of the underlying technicalities involved in e-resource set-up and delivery, including e-journals, online databases and e-books, and will help you feel more confident in your day-to-day work.

Why you should attend 

The course will be invaluable for anyone from a non-technical background working with e-journals and other e-resources.  The atmosphere of the day will be friendly and supportive and participants will be encouraged to share any issues or problems they encounter in their work. 

Course level and previous knowledge required 

It is recommended that those completely new to dealing with journals should first attend the UKSG Introduction to Serials and E-Resources Today, a one-day seminar run in a variety of locations covering all aspects of the serials and e-resources industry and featuring an introductory technical session.  For those not completely new to journals no previous knowledge is required.

Learning objectives

  • Learn how to overcome common problems in implementing e-resources
  • Have the tools to help you decide the best way of setting up access to e-resources in your institution/organisation
  • Be confident that you understand the technical landscape when dealing with e-resource providers.

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