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Unique opportunity to win a fully funded trip to the USA and a free place & travel at UKSG 2022!


In 2022, both the UKSG and NASIG conferences return to in-person events, taking place in Telford and Baltimore respectively. While we adjusted to meeting online during the lockdown, attending these two conferences is a unique opportunity for a developing professional to experience the engaging and rewarding dynamics of a real-life event. Socialising and networking with peers, making new connections, serendipitous discoveries, breaking out of your own silo to hear from others across the sector. But don’t take our word for it - here is what Katherine Stephan, the award winner in 2019, says:

“The biggest contribution to my professional development was meeting other people in my field, getting to liaise and talk with all these library professionals that I didn't have a chance to meet in my role. I met people in real life that I had followed on Twitter, and I feel like I'm still learning by seeing what they're doing now, and also through exposure to different roles. I definitely would have not necessarily encountered those people or been exposed to different ways of doing things in the same way if I had not attended.

“You should just go for it! It's such a cool opportunity to get fully paid to go to the conferences… fantastic places to get to go to and meet peers. I moved from children's librarianship into research support, which was quite a big leap. I remember feeling really proud when I was sitting in Pittsburgh and looking around at all these people in different roles and thinking to myself, gosh, what a journey in life I've taken, from Iowa where I’m originally from, to Liverpool, and then back to the US! I would just say to people, give it a shot. It's really a wonderful opportunity to try for it, and if you are successful it can be the most amazing experience.”

Watch Katherine talk about the Award and its impact on her career:

Named in honour of John Merriman, in recognition of his work in founding both UKSG and NASIG, this prestigious award provides an invaluable opportunity for anyone keen to learn and share experiences from a very different angle.

One lucky UKSG member has the chance to attend the NASIG and UKSG conferences this year. The award is intended to cover conference registration, travel and accommodation costs.

In 2022, the UKSG conference will take place in Telford, UK, from 30th May to 1st June. The NASIG conference will take place in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, from 5th to 9th June.

The award winner will be supported by the generous sponsorship of Taylor & Francis Group for the US trip and will in addition receive full financial support from UKSG to attend the UKSG conference.

Who can apply

The award is open to UKSG members (are you a member? Find out here: )
Applicants should be in a role within a Library or Information Service with responsibility for managing online resources or in direct contact with library users, supporting them in the use of online resources.  Current Board members and Officers of NASIG and UKSG are not eligible to apply.




How to apply

All applicants must supply the following materials which should be submitted electronically as Microsoft Word documents:

A completed application form from the applicant including a short written piece (250-400 words) on the topic of 'What is the biggest challenge facing you in your current job and how, in an ideal world, would you address it?'  The application form is here

A reference questionnaire from the applicant’s line manager.

Application forms and reference questionnaires should be sent by Sunday 27th March 2022 to:

Bethany Logan

Chair of UKSG Outreach and Engagement Committee


Applications emailed after the respective closing dates will not be considered. Applications will be judged on evidence of awareness of issues in the wider scholarly communication world, and a clear statement of aims and objectives for attending the conference.  English is the designated language.

NB: The successful UKSG recipient of the award agrees to work with UKSG to convert their entry into an editorial for UKSG eNews


UKSG, set up in 1978, has a mission to connect the information community and encourage the exchange of ideas on scholarly communication.  Established in 1985, NASIG is an independent organisation that promotes communication, information and continuing education about serials and the broader issues of scholarly communication.