Subcommittee Self-Nomination Form

UKSG has four subcommittees:

  • The Education and Events Subcommittee develops and organises seminars, webinars and events to support professional development within the scholarly information community. This Committee is currently full, but welcomes suggestions for speakers and topics for our webinar and seminar programme.  Please email Anna directly.

Chair: Anna Grigson

  • The Insights Editorial Board oversees Insights and The E-Resources Management Handbook.  This Committee is currently full, but welcomes suggestions for topics and authors and volunteers to undertake peer review.  For more information, please click here.

Chair: Joanna Ball

  • The Outreach and Engagement Subcommittee looks after UKSG members and their interests. It also engages with the wider UKSG community and its needs and challenges.  This Committee is currently full.

Chair: Yann Amouroux

  • The Research and Innovation Subcommittee oversees working groups, projects and commissioned research, including Transfer, KBART and Usage Factors and is currently undergoing a review and therefore not open for nominations.  This Committee will be finalised in the second half of 2018 - sign up to volunteer below.

Chair: Dominic Broadhurst

Subcommittee members are appointed by each subcommittee’s chair, initially for a one-year term (please refer to each committee’s Terms of Reference on the Committees page for more detail).  Members are expected to participate intellectually and actively during and between subcommittee meetings.

If you would like to volunteer yourself for subcommittee membership, please complete the form below.

If there are no current vacancies your nomination will be retained for consideration next time there is a vacancy. Please note that self-nomination does not guarantee acceptance onto any committee.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact us.

If Yes, please give details - committee, date, length of service

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