Serials : Table Of Contents 9(3) : November 1996

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Serials Volume 9, No. 3, November 1996
213 Editorial
214 UKSG News
218 News from the European Federation of Serials Groups
220 News
228 News from North America
232 Letters to the Editor
19th UKSG Annual Conference
233 Journals of the future: orderly shelves v. networked information - Howard Nicholson
239 Exploiting your serials: perspectives from a new building - Peter Stubley
245 Disasters in libraries: guidelines from Loughborough - Graham Matthews
Third European Serials Conference
251 The European Union and serials publishing: impact and influence - Bernard Smith
269 Intellectual property and copyright law in the European Union and other major jurisdictions: a bird's eye view - Thomas Hoeren
277 A study in cooperation, collaboration and funding in the information field: IRIS - Patrick Kelly
283 A case study in e-journal developments: the Scandinavian position - Harald Joa
291 The process of scholarly communication: an Eastern European angle - Ewa Krysiak
299 The process of scholarly communication: the state of the art - a commercial publisher's perspective - Richard Charkin
301 The process of scholarly communication: the state of the art - a learned society publisher's perspective - Sally Hardy
General Articles
307 Electronic links: two-way communication between east and west - Kathleen Ladizesky
311 Journal consolidation: the agent's perspective - Colin Harrison
317 Evaluating a journals collection in an academic library - Jill Lambert and Sue Taylor
322 Out and about on the conference and seminar circuit
325 New products and services
336 People
342 Bookshelf
342 Diary
345 Abbreviations and acronyms

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