Serials : Table Of Contents 12(3) : November 1999

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Serials Volume 12, No. 3, November 1999
233 Editorial
22nd UKSG Annual Conference/4th European Serials Conference
235 E-journals in Germany: efforts, collections and organization - Diann Rusch-Feja
255 Electronic serials in BT: a case study - David Alsmeyer
259 Digital resources into the future: digital preservation and the CEDARS Project - Kelly Russell
268 Workshop reports
UKSG seminar: Promotion and management of electronic journals
273 Promotion of electronic journals to users by libraries: a case study of Tilburg University Library - Hans Roes
General Articles
277 Seamless access to journals in the hybrid library: the 'Find A Journal' service - Vilas Edwards and Rachel Webb
283 Generic standard licences: co-operation or competition? - John Cox
289 New approaches to customer service - Ian Middleton
295 New roles for agents in an electronic world - Helen L Henderson
299 Dog eat dog? - an analysis of the forces for change in the journals publishing market - Mark Rowse
303 ASA Guidelines: the role and responsibilities of subscription agents - Rollo Turner
307 The British Library Strategic Plan 1999 - 2002 - Reviewed by Jack Meadows
309 Foresight - Report by Lyndsay Rees-Jones
Regular Features
312 UKSG News
315 News
319 Profile: Jack Meadows
323 New products and services
325 News from North America
327 Out and about on the conference and seminar circuit
331 People
336 Bookshelf
339 Diary
342 Abbreviations and acronyms

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