17 March 2011: Congratulations to UKSG’s Second Merriman Award Winner

UKSG, the organisation that connects the information community, is pleased to announce the second winner of its annual John Merriman Award, set up in recognition of the founder of UKSG and NASIG. Mary Betts-Gray, Business Information Specialist/Freedom of Information Officer at Cranfield University, will receive funding from Award sponsor Taylor & Francis to attend the 2011 NASIG Conference in St Louis, Missouri.

The Award enables UKSG and NASIG members working at a practical level in e-resource management to learn and share experiences with colleagues from around the world. The UKSG Education Subcommittee recognised Mary Betts-Gray’s initiative and commitment, and felt that she would effectively share experience and ideas gained at the NASIG conference with her colleagues and the wider UKSG community. Meanwhile, NASIG has awarded its 2011 Merriman Award to Elizabeth Siler, Electronic Resources Librarian at Florida International University, Miami.

UKSG is grateful to its Merriman Award sponsor, Taylor & Francis, which makes a generous contribution toward the costs of travel, accommodation and associated expenses. Ian Bannerman, Managing Director at Taylor & Francis explains why the organisation sponsors the Award: “The UKSG and NASIG conferences are among the best forums for librarians, publishers and agents to share their views and shape the scholarly information landscape. We hope that our ongoing support of this annual award will inspire even greater cross-fertilization of ideas between the two events.”

“I am absolutely delighted to receive the 2011 John Merriman Award,” adds Mary Betts-Gray. “My research projects in recent years have addressed topics including cultural barriers to institutional repository growth and ways of overcoming these through sustained advocacy and developing a Current Research Information System; UKSG has been invaluable to me as a source of information about research, initiatives and projects and as an organisation which encourages collaboration and debate about scholarly communication. This Award gives me an exciting opportunity to continue my research at NASIG and to exchange ideas and practices with colleagues in the US.”

For more information, please visit http://www.uksg.org/events/merrimanaward


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