2017 John Merriman Joint NASIG/UKSG Award - How to Apply

UK delegate sponsored by Taylor & Francis

Win a fully funded trip to the USA!

Enter our joint NASIG/UKSG competition to attend the premier conference for the scholarly information community on the other side of the Atlantic.  If you are a UKSG member, you could win a trip to the NASIG Annual Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, 8-11 June 2017 and, if you are a NASIG member, you could win a trip to the UKSG Annual Conference in Harrogate, 10-12 April 2017.

NASIG and UKSG are sister organisations offering two lucky winners, one each from NASIG and UKSG, the chance to attend each other's annual conference.  The award is intended to cover travel and accommodation costs and each award recipient will also receive paid conference registration (which includes most meals) for the applicable 2017 conference.   Named in honour of John Merriman, in recognition of his work in founding both UKSG and NASIG, it provides an invaluable opportunity for people to learn and share experiences.

The UK award winner will be supported by the kind sponsorship of Taylor & Francis Group.

NB: UKSG will in addition give full financial support to the UK award winner to attend the UKSG conference.

Last year’s UK winner said:

“Winning the John Merriman Award and attending NASIG 2016 in Albuquerque was a very beneficial experience.  Gaining an insight into the developments from colleagues and counterparts in North America helped me to really grasp the different challenges we face, and the similarities that unite us.  In addition to featuring a diverse schedule of talks, the conference was also a fantastic opportunity to meet librarians from a broad range of institutions and share our experiences.  In particular, I was very interested to hear the variety of perspectives voiced on Open Access and related issues.  Getting to see Albuquerque and some surrounding areas in New Mexico was a huge bonus and truly unforgettable.”
Shona Thoma, IReL Officer, Irish Research eLibrary, Maynooth University

The award is open to members of NASIG and UKSG with one recipient being chosen from each organisation.  Eligibility has now been extended to those who are new in their role (regardless of seniority) and to include those with responsibility for managing online resources or in direct contact with library users, supporting them in the use of online resources.  

Current Board members and Officers of NASIG and UKSG are not eligible.

The following material should be submitted electronically as Microsoft Word documents by Friday 10 February 2017:

A completed application form from the applicant including a short written piece (250-400 words) on the topic of 'What is the biggest challenge facing you in your current job and how, in an ideal world, would you address it?'
A reference questionnaire from the applicant’s line manager.

Applications will be judged on evidence of awareness of issues in the wider scholarly communication world and a clear statement of aims and objectives for attending the conference.  English is the designated language.

NB: The successful UKSG recipient of the award agrees to work with UKSG to convert their entry into an editorial for UKSG eNews.  The successful NASIG recipient will be required to write an article about their conference experiences for the NASIG Newsletter.

Application forms and reference questionnaires are available through the NASIG AWARDS Page at http://www.nasig.org , through the UKSG website at http://www.uksg.org (see links above), and from Mary Bailey, Chair, NASIG Awards & Recognition Committee or Jane Harvell, Chair, UKSG Education Subcommittee.

Completed applications and references should be e-mailed to:

For applications from NASIG members (to attend the UKSG conference in Harrogate):
Mary Bailey
Chair, NASIG Awards & Recognition Committee
E-mail:  redhead@ksu.edu
Tel.: +1 (785) 532-0678


For applications from UKSG members (to attend the NASIG conference in Indianapolis, Indiana):
Jane Harvell
Chair, UKSG Education Subcommittee
E-mail: j.harvell@sussex.ac.uk
Tel.: +44 (0)1273 877831

Application forms and reference questionnaires must be received by Friday 10 February 2017.  Applications submitted after this date will not be considered.  Please note that this is the deadline for UKSG member applications.  NASIG member applicants should check the NASIG website for the corresponding date.

UKSG, set up in 1978, has a mission to connect the information community and encourage the exchange of ideas on scholarly communication.  Established in 1985, NASIG is an independent organisation that promotes communication, information and continuing education about serials and the broader issues of scholarly communication.


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